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Laura C. Muir Performing Arts Theatre

 Room 4100

The 350-seat Laura C. Muir Performing Arts Theatre is home to Douglas College's Music, Stagecraft and Theatre departments. It is a fully equipped fly house that is used for student productions, college events and is available for rental. Please call for rental information.


If you plan on renting our theatre space please read the Theatre Technical Regulations.
Theatre Technician (Technical Office) 604-527-5267
Theatre Bookings (Site Services) 604-527-5362

Performer's Entrance

From the Parkade or Concourse to 3rd floor North Building, north-east section of the building, walk all the way down the hall and turn right. First door on the right is the backstage entrance to the theatre. Further down the hall, the two large doors on your right are the stage loading doors.

Loading Area

From Royal Ave, turn South on 7th Ave. The loading area is the first driveway below Royal.

Loading Doors

7'8" x 7' (high) or through the workshop loading door, 8'6" x 11'2" (high). There is a short hallway that leads to large backstage loading doors. There is no loading dock.

Audience Entrance

4th Floor North, Room 4100
Entrance from outdoor concourse off Royal Avenue

Seating Capacity

350 seats
6 Wheelchair Accessible spots

Stage Dimensions

Type: Proscenium Thrust
US to DS: 41'7"
SL to SR working area: 72'
Curtain line to US wall : 27'8"
Curtain line to DS of thrust: 13'11"
Proscenium Opening (fixed): 49'7"
Floor to Valance: 18'
Auditorium Floor to Stage Floor: 2'4"
view Theatre Ground Plan and Theatre Cross Section

Stage Floor

Black Masonite
No traps or elevators

** Screwing and drilling into floor allowed subject to approval

Fly System

Single Purchase CounterWeight System
Grid Height 40'
Max Pipe Height 38'
Total Fly Lines 16
Free lines 3
Arbour Capacity 500lbs
Pipe Length 80'
Operating Position Stage floor

Stage Drapes

Main Curtain Red Velour, Lateral, Motorized
Legs 3 Sets, Black Commando cloth 20' x 24' (h)
Borders 2, Black Commando Cloth 10' (h) x 68'
Travelers Midstage and Upstage, Black Commando cloth
Scrim 1@ 19'6" (h) x 60' Black Sharkstooth
Cyclorama 1 @ 24' x 64'


Control ETC 72/144 Expression
Dimming 102 2.4k Strand CD80 Dimmers
Circuits 192
House Lighting controlled from lighting booth, SL DS Proscenium wall, upper House Left

Instruments include

Fresnels Strand 3380 (6" 1000w) 20
3480 (8" 1500w) 9
Inkies 3

Ellipsoidals Strand 6 x 9 18
Strand 6x12 15 with iris 2
Strand 6 x 16 8 with iris 4

ETC Source 4 Jr 6

Par 64 (wide, medium and narrow) 12

Ianarro Cyc Lights 6 (4 per strip)

FOH #2 hard wired
FOH #1 hard wired
Bridge Truss #2 circuits from elsewhere
Bridge Truss #1 circuits from elsewhere
SR Ladder circuits from elsewhere
SL Ladder circuits from elsewhere
#1 Electric hard wired
#2 Electric hard wired
#3 Electric rubber pipe (drop boxes)


Mackie 32.8 Sound board 32 channels of input, 8 sub outputs, 1 stereo output
2 Mini Disc Player/Recorders
2 Cassette Decks
CD Player
DAT Player/Recorder
SPX 90 Effects Processor
Roland Digital Delay Processor

Centre Cluster
HR and HL fill

2 sets of Wedge Monitors
Aux Fill Speakers

Large Assortment of microphones, stands and cables
Clear Com Headset System

Program Sound available in booth, backstage, dressing rooms and lobby

Supplementary Equipment

Speaker's Floor Lecturn available upon request
Conductor's Podium available upon request
Grand Piano 9' Yamaha available upon request
Music Stands -- lots
Chairs -- lots

Dressing Rooms

1 Group
2 Semi-Private (male/female)
2 Private