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Raquel Faria Chapdelaine


Position: Instructor
Department: Psychology/Social Science
Faculty: Humanities and Social Sciences
Office: DL A3140
Office Phone: (604) 777-6350

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D, Applied Social Psychology, University of Saskatchewan
  • M.A., Applied Social Psychology, University of Saskatchewan
  • B.A., Clinical Psychology, Catholic University of Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Academic and Professional Profile

My academic and professional endeavours are guided by two overarching principles. First, as an academic, I embrace the view that post-secondary education should provide students with a new and deepened understanding of social reality. In other words, education should be transformative, helping students to develop richer and more critical ways of understanding themselves, others, and the world they live in. Second, as an applied social psychologist, I hold the position that academic psychology cannot be divorced from everyday life. Valuable psychological theories should be emancipatory, unveiling the roots of human suffering and unjust practices.

Teaching Concentrations

My teaching concentrations are in the areas of social psychology and cultural psychology. In addition, in the past years, I have coordinated the Applied Psychology Service Learning program, as well as taught and supervised psychology B.A. students enrolled in this course.


  • PSYC 1100
  • PSYC 1200
  • PSYC 3300
  • PSYC 3340
  • PSYC 3390

Research/Clinical Activities

For the past years, I have been studying the psychological correlates of authoritarianism. I am particularly interested in how parenting styles may influence the development of authoritarian tendencies in adults. In addition, I have explored how theories from the fields of social psychology and psychoanalysis can contribute to one’s understanding of the increasing levels of prejudice and racism that seem to be characteristic of our current times. As the coordinator and instructor for the Service Learning program, I have supervised students working in the areas of addictions, homelessness, human rights, cognitive disabilities, youth programming, child development, and early childhood education, to mention a few. Finally, I have been both a participant and presenter in the Summer Institute for Continental Philosophy at Douglas College. In this respect, I have been interested in examining the philosophical grounding of the work of post-positivist and constructionist psychologists.

Open to Supervising Honours Students for 2020-21: NO

Professional Affiliations and Community Service

2014 - present, Humanities and Social Sciences Contract Committee Representative, DCFA, Douglas College
2011 - 2014, Member of the Canadian Psychological Association
2015 - 2017, Service Learning Program Coordinator, Applied Psychology B.A. Program, Douglas College
1998 - 2013, Consultant/researcher at Faria & Plett Consulting and at Faria Consulting and Applied Research. I have conducted applied research in varied organizational settings (e.g. universities, government and community agencies) and offered consultation services to individuals and groups experiencing conflict in the workplace.