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Have you ever wondered where your dreams come from and what they mean? What triggers your bad and good moods? What exactly the term "mental illness" means? What intelligence is? Whether we use all our brain or only 10 percent, as some claim? How humans are alike and how we differ? If we are shaped more by our genetic inheritance or by the environment we grow up in? How we select our mates?

Then you'll be interested to know that it's the scientific discipline of Psychology that investigates and attempts to answer these types of questions.

Contemporary psychology is defined as the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes. Behavior is anything an organism does that can be observed and recorded. Mental processes are internal, subjective experiences, and include sensations, perceptions, dreams, thoughts, beliefs, expectations and feelings. The mental processes are inferred from observable behaviour.

Psychological science is a fascinating and useful discipline that has relevance for all students regardless of their chosen field of study.

Did you know we offer a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Psychology right here at Douglas College? Check it out!

To investigate all of the credentials we offer, please see the right-hand side of this page. 

For checklists, updates and more information about our credentials, check the Psychology student communication centre on Blackboard.

For information about admission requirements, courses, intake dates and more, visit the Program and Course Catalogue.

For information about events or about participating in research projects currently ongoing in the department, please visit Department news.


Key Contacts in the Department of Psychology/Social Science:

Department Chair (for scheduling questions):
  Dr. Nicole Vittoz

BA in Applied Psychology Coordinator (for academic advising and questions about the credential):
  Dr. Laura Dane

Service Learning Coordinator (for questions about PSYC 3390 - Service Learning):
  Dr. Karyn Audet

BA in Psychology with TRU-OL Coordinator (for questions about this alternative degree option):
  Dr. Donald Meen

PSR Coordinator (for questions about the Psychosocial Rehabilitation program):
  Dr. Regina Casey