Peter Legge International Institute for Sales Excellence

Learn the skills and strategies for driving your sales performance to new levels at the Peter Legge International Institute for Sales Excellence at Douglas College.

We have programs of varying lengths designed to help all levels of sales professionals, so you can select the courses and schedules that best meet your needs.


Sales Skills Mastery

The proven step-by-step process that works

Sales Skills Mastery is a step-by-step guide through the complete sales process - a handrail to success based on years of research and experience. It covers each stage of the sales process, from organizing your time, to researching your prospective clients, to opening the sales call, to asking value driven questions, to presenting the benefits to your customers, to closing the sale and ongoing development of the account. This two-day practical, dynamic and interactive course brings sales skills mastery to life through a unique blend of processes, skills, behaviours and solution-selling philosophies, which are vital ingredients to being a sales professional who can win, grow and retain business and produce results.

Solution-Based Selling Skills

The key to gaining more sales

In this two-day course you'll learn how to identify needs and priorities - a vital component of sales success. This course teaches salespeople how to present their offer in terms of its contribution to business goals, and how to justify cost.

Solution-based selling requires a special mix of skills. Leveraging the results of TACK's global research into "buyer's views of salespeople," this course shows you how to avoid common pitfalls, build strong personal relationships with different customer personalities and sell consultatively. Buyers are constantly looking for new suppliers - make sure you're one of them!  

Selling to Generation X, Y and Zoomer

Learn the techniques to make more sales

In today's market one client may want to negotiate and make a deal with you by email while another may want to communicate by text message. Yet another customer may want to deal with you through Skype, and of course some people still prefer a face-to-face meeting with their salesperson. In this highly energetic and engaging program you will learn how to identify the unique values of generations X, Y and zoomer, and how to shift your approach to increase your sales results and gain customers for life.

Dealership Financial Services Manager Certification

This course helps you gain the skills needed to be a Financial Services Manager at a dealership. Gaining a better understanding of sales, consumer financing and leasing and product options are key pillars in this course as well as learning and understanding the legal and ethical responsibilities of a successful Financial Services Manager.

Providing leadership in professional sales

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