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Course Registration

New Students



Dear Hospitality Management students,


Welcome to the Hospitality Management Program at Douglas College, Coquitlam Campus.  The Faculty and I look forward to meeting you and sharing learning experiences with you throughout your program.


Let me congratulate you on having chosen one of the finest Hospitality Management programs in the province and on having chosen this industry for your future career.  It is one full of excitement, growth and demand for excellent leaders.


This letter provides some important details, so please keep it handy.


Course Registration

Course registration for the Winter2019 semester will begin on November 13th. Login to your myAccount to find your registration date and time.


You may view course times by looking at the Course Scheduling Tool. To see a video tutorial on how to use the course registration system, please visit the Academic Advising site.


Full time students must register into four to five of the following courses. Part time students can register into three or less (you may register into four to five if space is available).






HOSP 1115

F or W

Tourism Business Structure


HOSP 1145

F or W

Introductory Food Management


HOSP 1210

(or ACCT 1235 for
DC BBA track)

F or W

Accounting Principles


HOSP 1235

F or W

Food and Beverage Service Operations


BUSN 1320

F or W or S

Business Law


CMNS 1115

F or W or S

Practical Writing


CSIS 1190

F or W or S

Excel for Business


ECON 1101

ECON 1150

(For DC BBA track)

see HOSP department chair
before selecting

or ECON 1250

see HOSP department chair
before selecting

F or W or S

The Canadian Economy or

Principles of Microeconomics or

Principles of Macroeconomics


ENGL 1102, or 1106,
1114, or 1115 or 1130
(ENGL 1130 for
DC BBA Track)

F or W or S

Reading: Literature and Culture or Fiction or Poetry or Plays, or Academic Writing


FINC 1231

F or W or S

Business Mathematics


MARK 1120


Introductory Marketing



DC BBA = Douglas College Bachelor Business Administration.



As a full time student, you should be selecting 2 “HOSP” 1000 level courses and 2 OTHER 1000 level program courses as an optimal course mix.


Should your chosen course or section fill before you register, you will be required to choose another course or section. Wait listing is available, but those on waitlists who are full time students finishing their program this Winter, will wherever possible be given priority offers to seats. Once a waitlist offer is made you must accept the offer within 23 hours.


To maintain Full Time status in the Hospitality Management Diploma program, students must meet the following criteria:


  1. Register in a minimum of 12 credits per fall and winter semester;




  1. 2. Achieve a minimum grade of “P” in all registered academic courses for which there is no prerequisite and a minimum grade of “C-“ in which the course is a prerequisite.


If any of the above criteria are not met, students may be placed on Part Time Status. Failure to register into any HOSP program courses in any semester may result in removal from the Hospitality Management Diploma program. Students removed from the HOSP program can re-apply after one year.


Courses completed during the summer will count toward the fall and winter semester course count. If a student were to take 3 courses (9 credits) in the fall and 3 courses in the winter (9 credits) they could remain full time students if they were to complete 2 courses (6 credits) in the summer semester.



Course registration is prioritized for full-time students. Part-time students will have access to courses where seats are available. This may sometimes cause delays in progress through the program for part-time students.


In order to register in the 2000/3000-level courses, students must complete a minimum of 24 credits of the required 1000-level courses, and meet the prerequisite grade requirement  of “C-“ or better or have written consent from the Department Chair.


The program is designed to be completed in two years over four semesters - five courses per semester. Taking fewer than five courses per semester will leave you behind and having to complete courses during the summer Full-time students taking three or less courses per semester will be re-designated as Part Time student.


Remember that your fee deadline is 4:00 pm on December 3rd for returning International students and December 10th for domestic students.


December 3, 2018

All fees are due and payable to avoid
deregistration from all courses and
removal from all wait-lists.

(For International Students)

December 10, 2018

All fees are due and payable to avoid
deregistration from all unpaid courses.
Please pay when classes are added.

(For Domestic Students)


* If the payment deadlines on either December 3 or December 10, 2018 are missed, de-registration will be immediate and without notice.

Assessment Testing

Some of you may need a math assessment in order to access CSIS, ECON, ACCT and FINC courses.  Math assessments are held on an on-going basis throughout each semester at the New Westminster & David Lam campuses.


To register for assessment testing at the New Westminster Campus or the David Lam Campus, please call 604-527-5478 or TTY 604-527-5317.   To access self-serve on-line assessment registration, please go to


There is no accommodation for walk-ins at either campus.   



There is a buy-and-sell forum on Blackboard that you will almost certainly start to use immediately for used textbook purchases. A note of caution though, many of the texts are new editions this year so you will want to check with the instructors to see if the previous editions are acceptable to purchase. You can get a list of books required for HOSP through


The Bookstore is now open but textbooks may not all be available until the first week of classes. 



Lockers are $10 per semester.  They will be available starting January 2nd at 9:00 am in the Student Union Office, Room A1190.  There is a limited supply.


UPass BC on Compass Card

The U-Pass BC on Compass Card Program offers affordable access to public transit in Metro Vancouver for designated students. The U-Pass BC FAQs are now posted on the Douglas College website under Student Services.   This is the link:



Douglas College in conjunction with University California Riverside and Walt Disney World have developed a program which you may wish to consider whereby students work and study at Walt Disney World Florida and earn 9 credits toward their diplomas, 9 credits toward university coop, and in our program you would also earn your 500 hours of industry experience. Please visit for more information.  You must remember though that by taking part in the Disney UCR semester you are extending your HOSP program by one semester.


Fairmont SWEP

Each year Fairmont Hotels and Resorts hire students from our program under the Student Work Experience Program to work in Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff or Whistler for the summer. Applications will be due to me by mid January and are available on Blackboard. See me should you be interested.


Mandatory 500 hours of work experience

To meet the HOSP Diploma graduation requirements, you must have completed the course requirements and you must be able to prove that you have worked in the Food and Beverage or Accommodations sector. International experience is accepted. This must be paid work and proof is acceptable in the form of a copy of T4 slip or pay cheque stub showing cumulative hours and wages. This needs to be shown to the HOSP Program Chair at the time of your application to graduate. You may already have 500 hours of hospitality industry experience coming into the program which is acceptable. If not, you will want to acquire it with part time work during your studies or during the summer term.


“P” Grade

Please note that you will need to manage your progress through the program by knowing the College Regulations with specific reference to grades and prerequisites.  A minimum grade of “C-” is required to progress onto many courses for which there is a prerequisite.  “P” grades will not allow you to proceed.  In your first year you will need to achieve a “C-” grade or better in all courses except Math, English, Business Law, Computers, and Communications.  If you receive a grade of “P” or lower in a first-year course (Math, English, Business Law, Computers, and Communications excluded) you will need to repeat the course(s) in order to complete the program.


It is your responsibility to manage your progress through the program.  To help you do so, you need to review the Dates and Deadlines at


Transfer Credit

If you are applying for transfer credit for courses you have taken at other institutions, you must do so with your application to the College.





Please email me at to confirm receipt of this letter.


Have a fabulous finish to your fall and see you on January 2nd at the Coquitlam Campus.






Mark Elliott

Program Chair

Hospitality Management Program

604 777-6209