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Business Law Concentration

Curious about what makes a contract enforceable? When an employee can be fired? What protections are available for minority shareholders in a company? How the Canadian legal system impacts everyday consumer and business transactions? Find those answers and many more with a Concentration in Business Law at Douglas College.

Douglas College is the only post-secondary institution in British Columbia to offer the option of a Concentration in Business Law, which can help Bachelor of Business Administration graduates stand out from the pack.

The credential is available to students working towards a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting or Financial Services) in addition to their degree. In order to obtain the credential, students must complete the Introductory Business Law course and at least three other qualifying Business Law courses and obtain a minimum grade-point average of 2.33 (C+) among the eligible courses.

Learn from faculty who have extensive legal and business experience, including:

  • Don Valeri, (BA (Hons) (Carleton), LLB/JD (Ottawa), MBA (Alberta), PhD (Greenleaf))
  • Brian Sugg, (BA (Harvard), LLB, MBA (Dalhousie), LLM (Singapore)
  • Brian Parker, (BA (Simon Fraser), LLB (British Columbia), LLM (Toronto)
  • Brian Fixter, (BA (British Columbia), JD (British Columbia), LLM (British Columbia)
  • Peter Durovic, (BSc Biochemistry (British Columbia), PhD Molecular Biology (British Columbia), LLB (British Columbia), BEd (Simon Fraser))
  • Lora Freeman, (LLB (British Columbia), LLM (London))
  • John Swain, Jr., (BA (Notre Dame), MBA (Michigan), JD (Northwestern))