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Business Law

If you’re pursuing a business career, chances are you will encounter legal documents at some point. Whether it’s an employment contract in human resources, a sales contract in marketing or a shareholder agreement – or you just want to ensure the legality of your department’s policies and procedures – our business law programs will give you the skills and knowledge to tackle these documents with confidence. Both the undergraduate and post-degree business law programs are unique offerings in British Columbia that will give you an edge when applying to jobs or moving up the corporate ladder.

Please contact for more information about the Business Law courses and programs in Douglas College.

Business Law is a new department in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at Douglas College. Prior to September 2020, Business Law courses were offered through the Business Department. Therefore, the following courses are equivalent, and students will not receive credit for both courses:

BUSN 1005 = BLAW 1005
BUSN 1320 = BLAW 1320
BUSN 3700 = BLAW 3700
BUSN 3710 = BLAW 3710
BUSN 3720 = BLAW 3720
BUSN 3730 = BLAW 3730
BUSN 3750 = BLAW 3750
BUSN 3760 = BLAW 3760
BUSN 3770 = BLAW 3770
BUSN 4720 = BLAW 4720