The Institute for Ethics and Global Justice

Sustainability, peace and freedom through true democracy.


The Purpose of the Institute for Ethics and Global Justice (IEGJ) is to promote global justice, freedom, peace, sustainability and an understanding of ethical action and its importance.

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Shaun Tyakoff

Minority Rights; Rights of the Child; Democratization; Global Governance

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Jeff Schutts 

War and Peace; Conscientious Objection; Americanization/Globalization; Consumer/Corporate Capitalism, etc. 

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Brian E. Davies 

Autonomy & Democracy; Ethical Actions; Freedom; Security; Peace; Sustainability; Human Rights; Global Governance; Global Justice Issues

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Mano Daniel 

Nature and Role of Apology; Restorative Justice; Economics and Environmental Justice; Collective Action Problems; Philosophy and Public Policy;

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Jeanette Ashe 

Representative Government; Democratic Political Institutions; Equality

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Leonard Angel 

Ethics; Democracy; Sustainability; Global Parliamentary Assembly; Global Justice Issues

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The Campaign for the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA):


Amnesty International

Also See: Amnesty International Canada

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Canada's World

A project of the SFU Centre for Dialogue This interactive Website is a meeting place for Canadians who want to think, talk and write about Canada's role in the world. It is for people of all ages, from all walks of life, who have one thing in common - they all care about Canada and how we position ourselves in the global community.

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Democracy Watch Canada 

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Global Research

The Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) is an independent research and media organization based in Montreal.  It provides critical perspectives on important global issues; and it has an extensive data base of informative and substantial articles.

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IPS Inter Press ServiceAboutMission

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Liu Institute for Global Issues--Events (UBC)

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NAM (The Non-Aligned Movement)


Also, Global Research 2012/08/25 : "The NAM is the second largest international organization and body in the world after the United Nations. With 120 full members and 17 observer members it includes most the countries and governments of the world. About two-thirds of the UN's member states are full NAM members. The African Union (AU), Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization, Commonwealth of Nations, Hostosian National Independence Movement, Kanak Socialist National Liberation Front, Arab League, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), South Center, United Nations, and World Peace Council are all observers too."

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