Modern society is fascinated with crime. It is everywhere, from the evening news, to the bestseller list, to prime-time television. But despite this fascination, few people have the knowledge and expertise to really understand the implications of crime and how to handle it within our society.

Program Highlights

Competitive Skills

The Criminology program at Douglas College will help you gain the skills needed for a satisfying career in the fields of criminal justice, policing, law, psychology as well as many other fulfilling career paths.

Best Instructors

You'll learn with instructors who have experience on the front lines as lawyers, youth workers, police officers, policy makers and psychologists. They are passionate about issues such as Aboriginal justice, gambling and child abuse. Most of all they are compassionate professionals dedicated to helping you learn about the criminal mind, and the intricate system society has designed to deal with criminal behaviour.

    Student Success Story

    Future lawyer to represent underrepresented populations in northern Canada

    Success Story Katelyn Lohr

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    Criminology student fascinated by what makes people tick.

    Student Success Story Brittany Fox

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