Prenatal Classes

Douglas College offer 3 types of prenatal classes, they are:

Prenatal Class Series

Six 2-hour classes (12 hours total).  One evening a week, plus a reunion class

Course Description

Prenatal Class Series Fee (including reunion class) $210.00 

Prenatal Series in Two Days with Reunion

Includes all topics, information, activities and time of a regular series but offered over two days 

Two 6-hour classes (12 hours total).Two Saturdays, plus a reunion class

Course Description

Prenatal Class Series Fee (including reunion class) $210.00

Prenatal in a Day

Topics are covered in a moer streamlined way for those short on time. 

One6-hour class (6 hours total). No reunion class

Course Description

Prenatal in a Day Fee (no reunion class) $150.00


What to know ahead of class:

  • Please bring a pillow, exercise ball and a yoga mat (if you have them) for your comfort.
  • For full day classes, bring a lunch as we cannot guarantee that all locations have lunch facilities nearby.
  • Participants in all classes will receive a handout package and list of online resources
  • Dress in comfortable clothing suitable for being on the floor
To find the closest prenatal class location to you, please click here.


It is important to note the following when registering for your prenatal class:

  • Know your due date.
  • Course completion should be approximately one month before your due date.
  • Payment can be made over the phone via Visa or Mastercard
  • Interac, Cash and Cheques are accepted at either of our registration locations.

Ready to register?

Call 604 527 5472

(Please note - Online registration is not available for Prenatal classes)