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Birth Doula Training

Doula Training Canada   Birth Doula Workshop

Douglas College is pleased to be partnering with Doula Training Canada to bring quality doula training to BC that focuses on maternity care in Canada. Doula Training Canada has been an exceptional provider of doula training and certification since 2001 with a dedicated and professional staff of experienced doulas, who are also great teachers.  DTC trains doulas that understand birth in Canada and all the questions, choices and decisions that families may have and how to support families throughout their pregnancies, births and postpartum experiences. With a presence from coast to coast DTC is fostering a space for the Canadian professional doula to grow and thrive. It is an exciting time to become a Canadian Doula.

Through national mentorship, a large peer support network, and great online presence student doulas will feel supported every step of the way from workshop to certification.

The two-day Douglas College Doula Training workshop is the first step toward certification with Doula Training Canada.

This is NOT a DONA workshop and will NOT be accepted by DONA. 

We are offering a uniquely Canadian workshop that leads to certification with Doula Training Canada; an organization that understands birth in Canada and prepares doulas to work in our Canadian health care system.

Douglas College, New Westminster Campus, 700 Royal Avenue, Boardroom

Day:  Saturday and Sunday

Time: 0900 - 1700

September 14 and 15 CRN:  31002

Workshop Fee: $400 - includes course/resource materials

To register: phone 604-527-5472  

There are no prerequisites

For more information, please contact

Perinatal Program Assistant - Faculty of Health Sciences
Darelle Walker: phone: 604-777-6531



Sharron L. Gibbs, FACCE, LCCE, CD DONA,
Perinatal Program Coordinator, Continuing Education, Faculty of Health Sciences


For more information about Doula Training Canada and complete certification requirements check out the DTC  website.

Or contact

Shaunacy King, Director, Doula Training Canada  or 1 (888) 216-9782

Labour Doula Workshop Outline

Module 1: Defining the Labour Doula

  • Defining the doula profession
  • Labour support - Then and now
  • Doulas: The evidence
  • Doulas and working other support persons
  • Doulas and working with primary caregivers


Module 2: Supporting Clients in Pregnancy

  • Supporting the pregnant parent
  • Fetal development
  • Pregnancy with multiples
  • Medical concerns in pregnancy
  • Perinatal mental health
  • Early signs of labour and the doulas role 


Module 3: Labour and Birth Physiology and Process

  • Physiology of labour and birth
  • Birth anatomy
  • Cardinal movements
  • Hormones in birth
  • Progress in labour
  • Stages and phases of labour


Module 4: Medical Options and Processes

  • Medical pain relief options
  • Understanding complications in childbirth
  • Supporting families with complications in labour
  • Indicators for a caesarean birth
  • Supporting caesarean Birth
  • Supporting vaginal birth after caesarean
  • Informed consent


Module 5: Natural Comfort Techniques and Support  

  • Pain: meaning, assumptions and vocabulary
  • Psychological causes of pain in labour
  • Pain in labour: What we should be sharing with our clients
  • An Introduction to Touch Therapy
  • Looking to other cultures for inspiration
  • Techniques for using birth & peanut balls
  • Visualization and meditation in labour
  • Birth affirmations
  • Breathing in labour
  • Positioning and Labour 


Module 6: The Postpartum Period and Supporting the Newborn

  • Newborn appearance, tests and procedures
  • Preterm babies
  • Jaundice in newborns
  • Health concerns for the newborn
  • Health concerns for the mother
  • Breastfeeding: Helping with position and latch
  • Common breastfeeding concerns
  • Formula feeding basics
  • Safe sleep for babies
  • Supporting parents with multiples
  • Caesarean recovery
  • Baby Blues
  • Paternal Postnatal Depression
  • Phases of Parental Adjustment 


Module 7: Your Doula Business

  • How to be taken seriously in your doula business
  • Business Contracts: Laws & negotiation
  • Perinatal Awareness
  • How to Reach Potential Clients
  • Marketing on a budget
  • Successful communication
  • The doula interview