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Certificate in Medication Administration for Health Care Assistants

The Certificate in Medication Administration for Health Care Assistants is designed for new Health Care Assistants, or those who want to refresh their medication administration skills.  This two-course certificate program will give participants an opportunity to review medication administration theory, and to practice the skills in a lab setting.  Successful completion of the full program will prepare individuals to safely administer medications in the Assisted Living setting under the supervision of a nurse.

The certificate is made up of two courses: 

  • Medication Theory for HCAs (15 hours online)
  • Medication Lab Practice for HCAs (7 hours in-person lab)

Program Admission Requirements:  

HCA Registry approved Certificate (or equivalent, to be determined by the program).  Students who are within one month of completing an HCA Certificate program at the time of application may be admitted to the course.  The HCA program in which they are enrolled must follow the BC Provincial HCA Curriculum

Program Content:

Students will learn specific procedures for various medication delivery methods, and practice these skills in the lab setting.  Specific medication delivery methods include

  • blister packs
  • automated drug dispensing systems (individually packaged medications)
  • transdermal patches
  • metered dose inhalers with and without spacer
  • Turbuhalers
  • HandiHalers
  • Diskus inhaler
  • eye drops/eye ointments
  • ear drops, and
  • medicated creams and lotions.

Students must pass the Theory course before they are eligible to register in the lab practice course.


  • Medication Theory for HCAs - $165.00
  • Medication Lab Practice for HCAs - $255.00

For more information, email cehs@douglascollege.ca.

Download the Medication Administration Theory Registration form (PDF)