Music Rudiments and Aural Skills Bootcamps

Music Rudiments Bootcamp 

Please check back here for Summer 2021 dates!

This dynamic and interactive online class provides students with the opportunity to increase their familiarity with music fundamentals. Topics covered include major and minor scales, key signatures, intervals, chords, terminology, rhythmic notation, and meter. Students will improve their accuracy and fluency through recognition, writing, and listening exercises. 
A pre-requisite knowledge of treble and bass clef notation is strongly recommended.

This course is designed primarily to help students prepare for Douglas College’s Music Diploma and Foundation for Music Therapy Studies programs, and will include an opportunity to take the Music Theory Assessment, which determines a student’s eligibility to register in MUSC 1110. Please note that the assessment is optional. It is written at the New Westminster campus, in person. Appropriate seating arrangements and cleaning protocols are in place.

Required textbooks and items:

1) Elementary Rudiments of Music, 2nd Edition, by Barbara Wharram (edited by Kathleen Wood).& 2) Elementary Rudiments of Music: Answer Book, 2nd Edition, by Barbara Wharram (edited by Kathleen Wood).

Materials may be ordered online from the Douglas College Bookstore. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

Aural Skills Bootcamp 

This individualized course will provide opportunities to develop many foundational musical skills in a hands-on, ears-on environment. Through weekly individualized lessons with the instructor, demonstrations, and varied practice activities, students will build their voices to communicate musical ideas more accurately, train their brains to retain and recognize important aspects of pitch and rhythm, and make connections between musical sound and notation. The class will introduce movable-doh solfège, Curwen hand signs and basic conducting patterns.
Proficiency on an instrument or as a vocalist is not required; however, a pre-requisite familiarity with music notation and basic theory rudiments is strongly recommended OR the student may take Music Rudiments Bootcamp concurrently.

This course is designed primarily to help students prepare for the Aural Assessment, which determines a student's eligibility to register in MUSC 1115, a course in Douglas College's Music Diploma and Foundation for Music Therapy Studies programs.

Required textbooks and items:  Coursepack. Available from the Douglas College Bookstore (New Westminster campus)





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