Workshops with partners

Custom Workshops - in-house or on-campus

We welcome opportunities to work with partners to bring BERM focus areas to organizations. We have developed custom training and workshops for building operators, managers and others. Partners include UBC, Vancouver Island Health Authority, Metro Vancouver, BC Hydro, and the Home Owner Protection Office. We are currently working on projects with various community partners. Contact us to discuss your training needs.

LEED Green Associate Study Course

The two-day LEED Green Associate study course provides the foundational knowledge for the LEED Green Associate exam. The LEED Green Associate Exam is an introductory-level exam for individuals who wish to demonstrate a general knowledge of LEED and green building practices, or continue on to more advanced LEED credentials, such as LEED AP with specialty. This course is an important element of an individual’s study plan, providing opportunities to gain and test new knowledge through lectures, small and large group activities, and practice test questions.

Who should take this workshop? Anyone studying for the LEED Green Associate exam. This may include architects, engineers, interior designers, project managers, real estate agents, product manufacturer representatives, students, and any individuals interested in working in the green building industry.

Learning objectives:  Identify the LEED credit categories; Identify the general concepts, technologies and strategies associated with each credit category; Describe the purpose of each LEED rating system; Successfully register for the LEED Green Associate exam.

Cost: $595.00   

Date & Times: Saturday, October 21 through Sunday, October 22, 2017; 9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day

Register: Contact the Continuing Education Registration Office 604-527-5472 to register into BERM 2000 – 001 (CRN: 31210), LEED GA Exam Prep

Contact: For more information about the course, contact Steven Bishop

LEED Green Building Strategies and Green Building Associate Exam Preparation

The 36-hour intensive program provides a comprehensive overview of techniques, approaches, materials and technologies used in creating green buildings and communities. It describes the LEED rating systems and highlights how various strategies can be used to meet LEED requirements. The course provides an excellent preparation for writing the LEED Green Associate exam, as well as meeting the eligibility requirements for that exam.

Who should take this workshop? Any individuals seeking a better understanding of green building and LEED, or studying for the LEED Green Associate exam. Includes students, architects, interior designers, nonprofit organization representatives, product manufacturers, facility managers, engineers, building owners/developers, industry stakeholders and real estate agents.

Learning objectives:

•Describe the need for a green transformation of our built environment 

•Explain the key components of the LEED rating systems

•Describe the overall LEED certification process

•Identify concepts and strategies that  can be used to meet the requirements of LEED rating systems

•Determine the LEED rating system that applies to various types of green building projects

•Helps to prepare students to take the LEED Green Associate exam.

Cost: $850.00

Date & Times: contact Steven Bishop to receive notification of upcoming schedules

Contact: For more information, contact Steven Bishop or 778-878-6226