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Instructors and guest presenters

Here is a list of the instructors and guest presenters you will meet and take classes with as you go through the BERM program.

  • Bijan Pourkarimi – P. Eng., CMVP, BERM curriculum developer and instructor
  • Tom Knox – CEM, CEA, LEED AP, BERM curriculum developer and instructor
  • Steven Bishop – CSBA, LEED AP +EBOM, BERM curriculum developer and instructor
  • Jordan Rodier, Director of Business Development BuiltSpace Technologies
  • Matthew Yoshitake – Owner, Cascadia Ecohomes Ltd.
  • Carmen Proctor, EcoSave Program Coordinator
  • Alex Love, General Manager at Nelson Hydro
  • Dr. Eric Mazzi, Power Smart Instructor, UBC Clean Energy Research Centre
  • Simon Vickers, Program Manager, BC Hydro
  • Kassie Miedema – Architectural Intern at CEI Architecture Planning Interiors, Straw Bale Construction
  • Luis Guerra – Communication Specialist
  • Mia Ciric – General Manager at River Market – DDC Systems
  • Brent Bowker – Project Manager, Pulse Energy
  • Dave Peterson – Blue Camas Consulting – LEED projects and Affordable Housing
  • Wendy Avis – Manager, Environment & Sustainability at Vancouver Community College
  • Geoff McDonell - Mechanical Engineering Manager and Associate Principal at Integral Group Engineering
  • Chuck Stewart – General Manager at Kruger Products – tour of Biomass Gasification Plant
  • Tim Tewsley – LEED AP, Sustainable Building Advisor, Recollective Consulting – LEED projects

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