Deaf Interpreting Institute

Deaf Interpreting Institute


This 4-day Institute focuses on definitions, roles and responsibilities of Deaf Interpreters, Interpreting theories and ethical considerations and challenges, including applications of the Code of Ethics.

Additionally, the dynamics of co-interpretations will be discussed and practiced. There will be hands-on practice in: medical, mental health, legal and other settings throughout the week. This course is open to any Deaf person wanting to learn about Deaf Interpreting. 

  • For those who live outside of the Vancouver area, please contact Nigel Howard for accommodation.  It will be free; however, it is strongly encouraged to donate a minimum of $50 which will go towards the Deaf Youth programs.  
Course Name:  ASLC 500: Deaf Interpreting Institute
Tuition:  $395.00


If you are interested in this course, please contact us to be added to the waitlist.

About the Instructor


Nigel Howard works as an instructor at Douglas College in the Program of Sign Language Interpretation, and Child, Family and Community Studies (CFCS), and University of Victoria in the Department of Linguistics. He is on the Board of Editors for International Journal of Interpreter Education (IJIE) and is the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters’ (WASLI) North America Representative. Nigel provides presentations, workshops and training on varying topics/subjects around the world such as Interpreting in Medical Settings, Deaf Interpreter, Deafhood and Global Communities, interpreter professional development and so forth. Nigel has worked as a Deaf Interpreter for over 20 years in settings like: medical, mental health, legal, theatre, community, and conference – locally, nationally and internationally. Nigel is also a Deaf Interpreter for the United Nations.


To register, please call the Registration Office at 604-527-5472

If you already have a Douglas College Student ID, you may register online.