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Psychology (TRU-OL/Douglas College Bachelor of Arts)

Important Notice This program is cancelled. The final intake for this program was Fall (September) 2019 semester.
Faculty: Humanities & Social Sciences
Department: Psychology
Credits: None
Credential: Bachelor's Degree
program overview

Are you looking for education which would open doors to a career working with people? Have you earned some university or college credits but haven’t yet earned a credential? Are you looking for a way to earn a degree—around your schedule?  Would your educational goals be best met with a combination of courses offered by either Douglas or TRU-OL? If so, consider the TRU-OL/Douglas College Psychology degree program. 

This collaborative program allows you to graduate with the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Thompson Rivers University, an accredited public university, while taking up to 105 credits from Douglas College.  You will also take at least 15 credits (five courses) from TRU-OL, online.

curriculum framework

The BA Psychology program requirements can be found on the TRU-OL website.

  1. General Education (24 credits) and Lower-level Psychology (6 credits) requirements would be met by these Douglas College equivalents:

    PSYC 1100 Introduction to Psychology 1
    PSYC 1200 Introduction to Psychology 2
    PSYC 2300 Data Analysis
    PSYC 2301 Research Methods

    One other 2nd year PSYC course

    Two English courses (6 credits – check the TRU-OL website for what meets the requirements), 2 Humanities courses (not English), 1 math or science course.  Check the BC Transfer Guide for equivalence.

  2. Upper-level Psychology requirements (30 credits) for TRU-OL are 9 courses at the 3000 or 4000 level plus TRU-OL’s Psych 4991 (Directed Studies).  Not all Douglas College upper-level courses are transferable as such, so check with the TRU-OL advisor ( or the Douglas College TRU-OL B.A. coordinator when making your plans.

  3. Elective courses comprise the remainder of the TRU-OL requirements for the B.A.  You must complete 20 transferable courses (60 credits).  These can be from any academic area but 5 of them (15 credits) must be upper-level.  Review your plans for these with the TRU-OL advisor.

In order to graduate you must take 5 courses or more through TRU-OL.  These can be at any level and in any academic area.

program benefits

Easy access

Earn a university degree while studying close to home. Douglas College provides post-secondary education at two campuses: New Westminster and Coquitlam. TRU-OL offers all its courses online. 

Transfer up to 105 credits

Have you already earned more than 60 credits at another post-secondary educational institution? Don’t let those credits go to waste—TRU-OL allows you to transfer up to 105 credits into this program. At most other universities and colleges, you can only transfer 60 credits. If you want to know whether your existing course credits can be used toward the Psychology B.A. through TRU-OL/Douglas, contact advisors at TRU-OL. 

Flexible Psychology degree

The flexibility in your choice of courses and the ability to take the program on a full- or part-time basis enables you to plan a schedule that meets your needs.  You can increase this flexibility by taking some on-line courses, many of which allow continuous enrolment. You can take courses over the summer to accelerate your program.  

Great careers working with people 

A degree in Psychology is excellent preparation for working with people. It provides a good foundation for a wide range of occupations and professions.  You may have particular educational goals that would be met best by a combination of required and elective courses in Psychology or other areas of study, offered by Douglas or TRU-OL.

Learn from a wide variety of highly-qualified instructors

The Psychology faculty at Douglas College include over 20 instructors, all with Ph.D.s and a passion for teaching.  Many of them practice as Registered Psychologists or carry out cutting-edge research. The small classes enable you to interact directly with these instructors and learn from their experience. The Psychology faculty at TRU-OL are experienced in the delivery of online courses and available by email or phone. The combination of Psychology faculty from Douglas and TRU-OL gives you access to one of the largest groups of well-qualified Psychology faculty in B.C. and a wide range of courses.

Start your degree right away

Douglas courses start three times a year in fall (September), winter (January), and summer (May).  While some TRU-OL courses have specific start times, others run continuously.  Check the TRU-OL calendar of courses for start times of their online courses.

admission requirements

The only admission requirements for this program are the Douglas College General Admission Requirements.  There are no additional requirements for TRU-OL.

program cost

You can get an average cost for your program - tuition and student fees, books, uniforms, lab fees etc - on the Program Cost page. 

Only programs approved for student loan funding are listed on the Program Cost page. For all other programs, refer to the Tuition Fee page.

curriculum guidelines

Program Guidelines for previous years are viewable by selecting the version desired. If you took this program and do not see a listing for the starting semester/year of the program, consider the previous version as the applicable version.

What are the pre-requisites?

You must meet the Douglas College General Admission Requirements.

Can I transfer in credits from another post-secondary institution?

Yes. TRU-OL may allow you to transfer up to 105 credits from multiple institutions.

When does the program start?

You can start Douglas College courses in fall (September), winter (January), or summer (May) semesters.  TRU-OL courses may have a specific start time or be offered continuously. Check their course calendar.

How much does the program cost?

Costs vary with the courses that you take.  Overall, the average program cost will be around $3,000 a year in course fees if you take 30 credits.  This is substantially less than B.A. Psychology programs offered elsewhere in B.C. Of course, as with other programs, you will need to budget for additional student fees, the texts which are not included, and living expenses.  See Douglas College tuition fees and current TRU-OL tuition fees for up-to-date information.

Where will my classes take place?

Douglas College courses are offered at New Westminster or Coquitlam campuses. TRU-OL courses are taken online.

Can I take this program part-time

Yes. With this program, you can study at your own pace. Study part-time, full-time, or accelerate your program to complete requirements early.

Can I take this program while I’m working?

Yes. This program is flexible, enabling you to plan your own schedule around work and family obligations.

Do I need to take online courses from TRU?

You will take at least five courses from TRU-Open Learning spread over your degree program.

What online courses should I take?

Online courses can be in Psychology or other academic subjects. You can select any online courses offered by TRU-OL, as long as they are open for registration.  Check out your TRU-OL course options at TRU-OL course calendar.

You will plan the combination of online and in-class courses based on the requirements for the B.A. in Psychology program – see the Curriculum tab in this Catalogue.

I’ve taken online courses in the past and found them difficult to complete.

TRU-OL provides fully-qualified faculty to help with the content of online courses. These faculty members are available by email or phone. Studying online will help you develop valuable organizational skills that will serve you well in your continued professional development.

How long does the program take to complete?

That depends on whether you choose to study full-time, part-time, or to accelerate study in order to complete the program earlier. It also depends on how many credits you transfer in.

How and when do I apply?

You apply for this program through Douglas College. You can apply at any time for admission to the following semester. This is a two-part process.

  1. Apply to Douglas College

If you are not already a Douglas College student, you’ll need to be admitted as a program student, given a student number, and sent a registration date before you can register in any courses. Program applications are accepted online up to six weeks before the start of each semester or in person right up to the start of courses. If you are a B.C. high school student, don’t forget to include your Personal Education Number (PEN).

If you apply online, make sure that you select the TRU-OL/Douglas College Psychology Degree Program.  If your application does not involve any complications, you will usually receive an acceptance letter in two weeks or less.

If you are already a Douglas College student in another program and have already met the General Admission requirements, then you will need to change your program to: TRU-OL/Douglas College Psychology Degree Program. This can be done online or in person through the Registrar’s Office at either campus. There are no additional charges.

  1. Apply to TRU-OL

After you’ve been accepted into the program at Douglas, you must apply to be a program student at TRU-OL. First, most students complete an Associate of Arts (Psychology) diploma at Douglas College (60 credits – see the Curriculum tab for more detail).
If you already have a substantial number of credits you would like to transfer from some other college, it’s best to apply to TRU-OL earlier in your Douglas College program.

When you apply to TRU-OL you will need to arrange for official transcripts of your credits from all post-secondary education institutions you may have attended to be sent to TRU-OL. Your credits will be evaluated and a program plan will be created for you. The TRU-OL advisors will be available to help with your planning and to ensure that you have met the requirements for graduation. Their email is advisorc@tru-ca.

Where can I get more information?

Check the Bulletin Board or contact us by email at