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EASL Adjunct for Home Support/Resident Care Attendant Students

Course Code: EASL 0895
Faculty: Language, Literature & Performing Arts
Credits: 1.5
Semester: 15 weeks
Learning Format: Seminar
Typically Offered: TBD. Contact Department Chair for more info.
course overview

This course is an adjunct course for EASL students enrolled in the HSRC Program. Students will develop language and study skills to support their HSRC Program coursework. Activities will help students perform the reading and writing tasks required to effectively take tests and satisfactorily complete course assignments. Coursework will also assist students to participate effectively in the HSRC Program including lab and clinical work.

Course Content

The language content will be derived from HSRC Program course content and requirements, and sequenced accordingly.


  1. understanding lecture content;
  2. following discussions;
  3. taking and using notes;
  4. understanding assignment instructions;
  5. acquiring and employing effective listening strategies.


  1. understanding, annotating, and studying the textbook and other course materials;
  2. comprehending assignment instructions;
  3. understanding test format and questions.


  1. acquiring and employing communication strategies;
  2. communicating effectively across cultures;
  3. using a variety of language functions and gambits;
  4. negotiating language registers appropriately.


  1. writing clearly and effectively;
  2. answering a variety of test questions types and formats;
  3. meeting the writing requirements of HSRC assignments and projects.

Study Skills:

  1. organizing coursework and notes;
  2. preparing for and completing assignments;
  3. studying for tests;
  4. using the library for research papers.

Methods of Instruction

The instructor will facilitate, observe, and evaluate students’ participation in learning activities which directly support their HSRC Program coursework.  Whole and small group instruction will be combined with individual assistance and student-directed learning.

Means of Assessment

A mastery model of on-going evaluation will be used.  A student will reach mastery when she/he has demonstrated through satisfactory completion of exercises, assignments and other assessments that the course objectives have been achieved.

Where formal texts of specific skills are used, mastery will be defined as a score of 70% or more.

Progress will be monitored on a regular basis by the instructor in consultation with each student.

This course will be graded independently from courses in the HSRC Program.

Learning Outcomes

Within the context of HSRC, a successful student can:

  • understand lectures and labs, take effective notes, and follow classroom discussions
  • participate in class discussions and communicate with the instructor about course requirements.

course prerequisites

EASL 0835, EASL 0885, EASL 0865 and EASL 0875, or instructor permission


Home Support/Resident Care Attendant Program

curriculum guidelines

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course schedule and availability
course transferability

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