Strengthening Pathways: The Campaign for Indigenous and Immigrant Student Awards

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With only a handful of awards currently dedicated to students who identify as Indigenous or as an immigrant to Canada, we need to do better. Donate today to strengthen and build more equitable and inclusive pathways at Douglas College.


Talented and promising students from economically, geographically and culturally diverse backgrounds come to Douglas College with a desire to change the world. Every year, Douglas College distributes millions of dollars in awards, bursaries and scholarships to support thousands of these students as they travel through their educational journey here at Douglas College. Among those awards, only 13 are dedicated to support Indigenous students and five to immigrant students new to Canada. There is a clear gap of award support for these students.  

Sparked further by a recent corporate gift made by Southern Railway of British Columbia, Douglas College Foundation is leading a campaign to raise $70,000 to increase the number of bursaries available for Indigenous and immigrant students. An increased number of bursaries will: 

  • Help to close the gap in the number of awards available to Indigenous and immigrant students. 
  • Attract more Indigenous and immigrant students to our student body. 
  • Relieve the pressure to avoid the worry of paying for school, instead of working part-time. 
  • Reduce socioeconomic barriers. 

The Campaign for Indigenous and Immigrant Student Awards will run from April 5, 2022 through July 31, 2022. Douglas College Foundation is committed to matching dollar-for-dollar (1:1) up to $70,000 during the campaign duration, doubling the impact of each and every donation from the community. Your gift today is creating a legacy of change in the lives of deserving students.  

There is a lot of work to be done as we move towards inclusion, diversity and equity, and together as a community, we can make a difference.  

Douglas College alumni? Your gift and impact is tripled!

Thanks to TD Insurance and their support of our alumni, they are matching all gifts made by Douglas College alumni, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000!

This match will be added on top of the match being provided by Douglas College so that means for every $1 donated by a Douglas College alumnus, TD Insurance will match it with $1 and Douglas College will match it with $1 – making alumni gifts triple their value and impact! Let’s go alumni family! Let’s come together and help strengthen Douglas College. Make your gift and have it matched today!

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Donation Impact

You can be the difference for a student who may be facing barriers as they pursue a post-secondary education. Your gift will have direct impact on Indigenous or immigrant students who are ready to harness their talent and take their next step in their educational journey at Douglas College.  

Once we reach out goal of $70,000 and it is fully matched, the Campaign for Indigenous and Immigrant Student Awards will: 

  • Create 10 new Indigenous and immigrant student bursaries valued at $7,000 each. 
  • Allow the creation of two new endowed bursaries for Indigenous and immigrant students. 

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