PLAR (Non-Credit)

If you need to prove competency in your field to gain the necessary licence to practice or to gain professional recognition, this option may be for you.

Significant adult learning occurs in the workplace and through other activities such as volunteer and community service. As a result, most adults accumulate knowledge that may be equivalent to college credit, credential credit or licence competency recognition.

In the Assessment Service, you are given the opportunity to achieve your career goals through PLAR. The process of collecting and generating evidence of learning is known as portfolio development. While examining your life experiences, you identify learning that meets contemporary professional standards and levels of competency for your field of practice. Please note: Not all components of all fields of practice may be eligible for PLAR. A complete credential may or may not be awarded through prior learning assessment.

Applications are accepted up until the deadline of April 1st for the year. PLAR service is not available from June through August.

Please note that PLAR courses and credits are not eligible for Student Loans.