General scholarships

Amrik Pooni Scholarship

The Gary Pooni and Family Award of Achievement was created in 2014 to support students who were innovative and interested in starting their own business. In 2016, after the passing of his father, Gary changed the name of the award to the Amrik Pooni Scholarship to honour his father’s passion for education and giving back. Amrik Pooni was an intelligent and gifted man, who had to forego a College education in order to work on the family farm in India. Amrik, and his wife Harbhajan Pooni, strongly believed in the value of a post-secondary education and were dedicated to ensuring their three children, Jagrup, Gary and Sonny, would have the opportunity he did not to gain a higher education; which they all did. Sonny even studied at Douglas. Amrik also strongly believed in community and was involved in many community organizations and activities. Harbhajan and her three children are honoured to be a part of this scholarship that recognized students to share Amrik’s values – hard work, education and giving back.



Bill Hill Family Scholarship

Bill Hill, a local New Westminster businessman, and his family created this fund to provide scholarships for second-year Douglas College students. Bill passed away in 1998. The recipients must display evidence of entrepreneurial activities and participate in community activities.



Douglas College Board 2014 Fund

This fund was created by the 2014 Douglas College Board, whose members wished to support students facing financial barriers to accessing post-secondary education and also to recognize and celebrate students achieving academic excellence in their chosen course of study. College Board members established this fund in recognition of the continuing growth of Douglas College and out of a desire to make a difference for students in the coming decade.



Douglas College Board Legacy Fund

This Fund was created by the 2012/13 Douglas College Board as a tangible way of supporting students enrolled at Douglas College. Board members wished to support students facing financial barriers to accessing post-secondary education and also to recognize and celebrate students achieving academic excellence in their chosen course of study. College Board members established this fund in recognition of the continuing growth of Douglas College and out of a desire to make a difference for students in the coming decade. The fund operates as both an bursary and a scholarship. Scholarship recipients must have a minimum GPA of 3.5  and be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits. Preference will be given to students who volunteer at the College or in their community.



Douglas College Honorary Fellows Recognition Scholarship

The Honorary Fellows Recognition Scholarship was created, in 2019, by the Douglas College Office of the President in recognition of the Honorary Fellows designated by the College. Douglas College awards an Honorary Fellow designation to individual who demonstrate outstanding achievement or distinguished service on a community, provincial, national, or international scale. Honorary Fellows serve to inspire graduates and reflect the values of the College.



Douglas College/Moriguchi City/New Westminster 30th Anniversary Scholarship

The cities of Moriguchi and New Westminster and the boards of Douglas College and New Westminster Secondary School inaugurated this endowment in 1993 in honour of the 30th anniversary of the “twinning” of New Westminster and Moriguchi. Three scholarships are available: one for a New Westminster resident attending Douglas College who displays evidence of community involvement and has completed a minimum of 24 credits; one for a New Westminster secondary school student demonstrating excellence in their Japanese studies who may be attending a post-secondary institution other than Douglas College; and one for an international student from Moriguchi City who is enrolled in English Language Learning and Acquisition classes at Douglas College. 



Douglas Students' Union Scholarship

As one of the founding partners for the Douglas College Foundation, the Students' Union originated the student aid endowment program with this fund. Recipients of this scholarship are eligible to receive a book prize from Pearson Education Canada.



Koodo & JKE Scholarship

The Koodo and JKE Scholarship was established, in 2018, by donations from Koodo Mobile and to J.K. Enterprises. The purpose of the fund is to recognize and reward students at Douglas College who demonstrate academic excellence in their chosen program of studies.



M.H. (Bill) Morfey Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1988 by the family and friends of Bill Morfey to honour his retirement from Douglas College. A part of Douglas College for over 20 years, Bill started out as the College’s first staff employee in 1969. He worked hard on behalf of the students and was a driving force behind the establishment of a permanent endowment fund for student financial assistance. Candidates for this scholarship must have completed at least 12 credits, have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and be active in College and/or community activities.



Microserve Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Microserve to support Douglas College students. Up to two thirds of the annual distributable income will be awarded as scholarships to students in any Douglas College program. The remainder of the income will be awarded as scholarships to students in the Computing Studies and Information Systems program at Douglas College.



R. Howard Webster Foundation STEP UP Scholarship

The Student Teams Exploring Pervasive Urban Problems (STEP UP) project, offered through various courses at Douglas College, allows students to get a hands-on, real-world experience. Through STEP UP, students practice teamwork skills and apply the knowledge they have gained in the classroom to explore the unique challenges of urban environments. Students learn to think deeply and critically about the societal challenges facing modern cities. From homelessness to traffic congestion, waste management to crime prevention, students are given the opportunity to go beyond the textbooks and to become immersed in a pervasive urban problem, working together to make recommendations for improvement. Through the generosity of the R. Howard Webster Foundation this scholarship was created to support students engaged in STEP UP courses. View more information on STEP UP.



Sodexo Scholarship

As the contractor for janitorial services at the college campuses and training centres, Sodexo and Douglas College have a long history of partnership and in 2002 Sodexo established this scholarship.  After a public bid process in the spring of 2015, Sodexo was awarded a five year contract to continue providing janitorial services to Douglas College. Demonstrating its belief in the power of education and a desire to contribute to the economic and social development of the communities where it operates, Sodexo continues to support the growth of its scholarship.



Wen Family Scholarship for Applied Ethics

The Scholarship for Applied Ethics was established in 2018 by the Wen family. Lifelong learners, the Wen family values and understands the importance of education and wishes to assist students in their pursuit of higher education. In particular, they want to help make our communities stronger and ethically healthier by supporting students studying applied ethics.