Science and Technology bursaries


Douglas College Faculty of Science & Technology Bursary

The Y. P. See Memorial Bursary was established in 1993 by Douglas College Modern Languages instructor, Ralph Lake, in memory of his brother-in-law who was a research chemist with Connaught Labs in Toronto, Ontario and had a passion for science. In 2016, the Y.P. See Memorial Bursary was merged with unrestricted funds from the Sustainable Energy Series at Douglas College to create the Douglas College Faculty of Science & Technology Bursary.

Minerva Foundation for B.C Women in STEM Bursary

Minerva BC Women is a registered , non-profit charitable organization that supports women and girls throughout the province to gain the confidence and skills they need to reach their leadership potential. The Minerva Foundation for BC Women in STEM Bursary was established, in 2018, and is supported by the following champions who have made the elevation of women in leadership through education the hallmark of their legacy: Jacqueline Frewin, Janet Fleck Ladner, Jocelyne Bourassa, Randy Sung, Suzanne Lee, Thomas Kinloch, the Harrison Buitenhuis family, and the Rix family. The purpose of this bursary is to support female students, enrolled in any STEM program at Douglas College. Preference is given in the following order to: indigenous woman, single mothers, a woman returning to school after a prolonged absence, an immigrant woman, a woman who is the first in her family to attend university, a Minerva BC program Alumnae, any woman in financial need.



Dispensing Optician

Dispensing Optician Association of BC Bursary

The Dispensing Optician Association of British Columbia was formed in 1960 to enhance the business and political influence of the optical business in the province. The DOABC played a key role in advancing the interests of opticians by acting on issues that affected the optician business/profession as well as individual opticians. When the association disbanded in 2010, it boasted 380 active members and stores. After 40 years of service, the DOABC was recognized by government and industry as the senior advocacy association for the opticianry business/profession in B.C. In 2010 DOABC made a significant contribution to the Dispensing Optician Bursary Endowment. In recognition of its support, Douglas College Foundation renamed this endowment to reflect the association's generosity.



Environmental Science

Environmental Programs Bursary  (see Humanities and Social Sciences bursaries)



Hearing Instrument Practitioner

Hearing Instrument Practitioner Bursary

The Hearing Instrument Practitioner Bursary was established, in 2017, for donors who either didn’t want individual recognition for their contributions, or who wanted to give a gift but couldn’t commit to the minimum threshold required to create their own named fund. The purpose is to support students enrolled in the Hearing Instrument Practitioners program who are facing financial barriers.

Marke Hambley Bursary for Hearing Instrument Practitioners

The Marke Hambley Bursary for Hearing Instrument Practitioners was created by NexGen Hearing in recognition of his retirement. The purpose of this fund is to support Douglas College students, facing financial barriers, who are enrolled in the Hearing Instrument Practitioners program.



Veterinary Technology

Edna May Bursary

The Edna May Bursary was established in her memory, in 2019, by her family. The purpose of this bursary is to support Douglas College students enrolled in either the Veterinary Technology or Nursing programs. Edna loved animals and cared for them deeply. She shared her love for animals with her children and grandchildren. As her Alzheimer's progressed, she spent the last nine years of her life in a home under the care of nurses and health care assistants who took very good care of her and supported her family cope with the challenges. She is fondly remembered by her family as a loving, caring, and very giving individual. Edna was an active volunteer in her community, her local church and for many years, sponsored children in least developed countries. This bursary is to honor her memory of giving back to the community by supporting students facing financial barriers to their education.

Matt Rumberg Memorial Bursary

The Matt Rumberg Memorial Bursary was established by Norma Rumberg in memory of her husband, Matt, who passed away in April 2007 after trying to save his beloved dog, Holly. Matt is missed greatly by his family, friends and community. The Matt Rumberg Memorial Bursary reflects Matt’s belief in the protection and support of animals and the importance of higher education. This bursary will benefit students enrolled in their second year of the Veterinary Technology program who have contributed to their community in a manner that demonstrates their love and compassion for animals and who have demonstrated financial need.

Royal City Jewellers Bursary

The Royal City Jewellers Bursary was established by Howard Isman to recognize and reward students enrolled in Douglas College who face significant financial barriers. His son, Michael Isman, is now the President of Royal City Jewellers and has continued to support this fund, increasing its annual award value over the last few years. In 2016, Michael agreed to fund two general bursaries in the Fall semester for students enrolled in any program at Douglas College, and an additional bursary in the Winter semester designated to Veterinary Technology students.

Veterinary Technology Trust Bursary

The Veterinary Technology Trust Bursary was established by faculty to assist students in financial need.  Two bursaries in the amount are available annually.