Academic Upgrading

Laughing Dog Adult Basic Education Bursary

In2001,RoyDaykinandLindaFulkersonestablishedtheLaughingDogAdultBasic EducationAwardtosupportstudentsatDouglasCollegewhowereenrolledintheAdultBasic Educationprogram.RoyisaformerDouglasCollegeemployeeandaformerDouglasCollege FoundationBoardmemberaswellasaDouglasCollegeAlumnusandisstillactivelyemployed intheBCpost-secondarysector. TheD.H.RadstaakMemorialBursary wasestablishedin1985 by DonRadstaak whowasaformer AdultBasicEducationinstructoratDouglasCollege.In2013,theD.H.RadstaakMemorialBursarywasmergedwiththeLaughing DogAdult BasicEducationAward.Thisnewmergedfundcontinuedtosupportstudentsfurthering theirstudiesbytakingEnglishasaSecondLanguage,English-UpgradingandMath–Upgrading coursesat DouglasCollege.In 2016, Roy agreed to change the Award to a Bursary to lower the GPA requirement and altered the enrollment criteria to support students in any program or Faculty taking either an English or Math Upgrading course. 

Gail Smythe Memorial Bursary

The Gail Smythe Memorial Bursary was established in 1989 by family and friends to honour Gail's memory and her commitment to adult basic education (academic upgrading) at Douglas College.  A reading specialist, Gail was widely recognized as a pioneer in the fields of adult literacy, adult education and primary education.  

She firmly believed that adult education students required the best education the system had to offer and she worked hard to ensure their needs were addressed.

Gail's links to Douglas College were not limited to her experience as an adult basic education instructor; her daughter, Naomi, also attended Douglas College.