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First aid

FIRST AID: At Coquitlam and New Westminster Campuses

Douglas College maintains an Occupational First Aid Program in accordance with WorkSafeBC Regulation. Contracted Security Officers are trained in Occupational First Aid (OFA) Level 1 or Level 2 and on behalf of the College, administer first aid, within the scope of their training, to Employees, Students and Users on campus. An OFA 2 trained officer is on duty at all times during regular campus hours.

A first aid room is maintained at Coquitlam and New Westminster Campuses. First aid kits, in addition to OFA2 required supplies, include Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and Naloxone Nasal Spray.

All first aid providers have been trained in the use of AED’s, through OFA training, and have received additional training in the use of Naloxone Nasal Spray. This training covers recognizing the signs and symptoms of an Opioid overdose and the subsequent administration of Naloxone Nasal Spray.


Coquitlam Campus (1240 & 1250 Pinetree Way) New Westminster Campus (700 Royal Avenue)

Call local 2400, from a College landline.
This is the College’s internal emergency phone number.

Call local 2400, from a College landline.
This is the College’s internal emergency phone number.

Call Coquitlam Security from your cell phone: 604 777 6254

Call New West Security from your cell phone: 604 527 5405

Go to the Security kiosk at Level 1,
Building A/B Atrium

Go to the Security kiosk at Level 2, Concourse


When you call for first aid, provide as much information as possible and stay on the line. An officer will be dispatched to the area and Security will call 911 emergency responders as needed.

If emergency care is required, Security will arrange for an officer to meet emergency responders and direct them to location of the emergency. Security also keeps in contact with 911 dispatchers to update them on changes to the status of the situation.

In an urgent situation, if you call 911 directly, please contact Security immediately afterwards to advise them of the nature, and location, of the emergency on campus.

All emergency care is handed over to BC Ambulance or Fire crews as they arrive on scene.

FIRST AID: At Training Group Locations

At Training Group locations (e.g., in Burnaby, Maple Ridge and Surrey), non-emergency first aid is provided by designated on-site employee(s) trained in basic first aid. Name and contact information of the non-emergency first aid attendant is posted on- site.  A basic first aid kit is maintained at each site.

Emergency first aid is accessed by calling 911.