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DC Alerts

DC Alerts is emergency communication system that sends alerts to your email and mobile phone in case of an emergency situation on campus.  

How to subscribe:

  • Click the Login tab at the top of the screen and log in to your myAccount
  • Login with your student ID/employee PIN.
  • Click into your Personal Information link, then click on Update Emergency Notification Information, and fill in your information.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Douglas College use DC Alerts?

  • To notify you of events that could affect your safety on campus, such as a chemical spill, bomb threat, or a dangerous person.
  • To notify you of a campus closure due to extreme weather, power outage, or other serious event.
  • To notify you of any safety or security situation that requires you to take protection on campus, leave, or avoid a campus.
  • To inform you when a situation is resolved.

What kind of messages can I expect to receive?

In an emergency situation, you will immediately receive a message from DC Alerts via email, text message and/or phone, depending on which contact information you provided and the services you subscribed to. 

What will the messages say?

Messages will be brief. They will describe the most important details of the situation, and tell you what to do next. A hypothetical message in a fictitious room B9999 might read: Chemical spill room B9999 Coquitlam Campus. Evacuate Building. Info at 1 877 679 0823.

How will I know if it's a test? 

We will advise you ahead of time via email or text before system tests. During a system test, messages you receive will have word TEST in the subject line. For example: TEST: DC Alerts. Messages sent in an actual emergency will not have the word Test in the subject line. 

What should I do if I get a message?

Follow the instructions in the message alert and spread the word to others around you. Also follow any instructions that you receive within the building from Douglas College safety and security personnel, or from the police or fire department.

What if I don't know my Student or Employee ID or PIN?

If you've forgotten your ID or PIN, contact the Service Desk for assistance at or at 604 527 5330.

How will I know the message is from Douglas College ENS?

 All messages will be sent from the Office of Safety, Security and Risk Management.

  • For emergency notification via email, the sender will be Regroup is the company that manages emergency notifications for the College. The subject of the email will be related to the incident in progress. To prevent the message from being trapped in your spam filter, emails containing should be added to your safe list.
  • Phone calls will appear as coming from 1 877 679 0823

How does my DC Alerts contact information differ from my emergency contact information?

Your DC Alerts contact information may be used to contact you directly with urgent message alerts in the event of an emergency situation on campus or a serious event that impacts College operations.

The emergency contact information on your student or employee record will used to contact someone other than you in case of an emergency related only to you.

Is DC Alerts used to communicate class cancellations? 

No.  However, it is used to communicate snow closures.