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Douglas College Research Expertise

Research Incentive Grants

Faculty in the following disciplines have received Research Incentive Grants for projects.

Child, Family, and Community Studies

Therapeutic Recreation

  • Barriers and Facilitators to Physical Activity in Children and Youth with Disabilities: A Grant Development Proposal
  • Imagining inclusion: my health, well-being, and recovery

Commerce and Business Administration

Project Management

  • Applied Research in Project Management Information Systems

Health Sciences


  • Using high-fidelity patient simulators and virtual simulation to provide opportunities for undergraduate nursing students to experience and respond to adult patients who are rapidly deteriorating
  • Dementia care and multimodal representation: a graphic medicine project
  • Building research capacity through a research skills development program for undergraduate nursing students

Psychiatric Nursing

  • Barriers and challenges to nursing students participating in research

Humanities and Social Sciences

Multi-Department Collaboration with McGill University (part of a SSHRC funded IMPACTS Grant)

  • Responses to sexual violence and misconduct within the post-secondary context


  • LGBT Safety in our Campus Communities: A Social and Spatial Audit.


  • Cretaceous Rock and Fossil Collection, Courtenay BC
  • Understanding the chronology of Lil’wat occupation of their territory


  • Lost streams of New Westminster


  • The Dark Triad: hormones and deception


Creative Writing

  • The creative and promotional possibilities of Sun Belt, a performing arts ensemble


  • Dementia care and multimodal representation: a graphic medicine project
  • Open modernisms anthology
  • Douglas Coupland, canonicity, and Canadian Literature


  • Virtual worlds in Japanese language education

Science and Technology


  • Beneficial insects that provide ecosystem services for urban gardens
  • The roles of the nervous and endocrine systems, together with metabolites, on innate immunity
  • Coastal populations of a beetle species at risk: Plant associations of Omus audouini at Boundary Bay, BC
  • Detection of tomato spotted wilt virus in thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) and potato tissue.
  • Open educational resources for human anatomy and physiology


  • The efficiency of burning used coffee grounds as biofuel in various forms
  • Building an inertial electrostatic confinement fusion device


  • Fabricating assistive devices to facilitate movement after injury

Sports Science

  • Health and exercise performance effects of longer duration exercise in air pollution
  • Running injuries and stride frequency
  • Fabricating assistive devices to facilitate movement after injury

Veterinary Technology

  • Diagnostic parameters for feline hypothyroidism

Research and Scholarly Activity Funding Projects

Faculty in the following disciplines have received Research and Scholarly Activity Funding for projects.

Science and Technology


  • The importance of viruses in kelp forest dynamics and how climate change will affect the viability of viruses.

Humanities and Social Sciences


  • The impact of the overdose crisis on the mental health of frontline workers in Vancouver's Lower Mainland


  • Archaeological research in Ecuador to study collections of ceramics from two sites in the Central Highlands.