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The Research and Innovation Office

The Research and Innovation Office exists to foster and support all forms of research that contribute to the quality of teaching and student learning, and provide greater employment and educational opportunities for students. RIO strives to make the College a place that welcomes new ideas, invention and creativity.

Beyond its campus, the Research and Innovation Office will engage in collaborative relationships with; community groups, small and medium enterprises, non-governmental organizations, and participate in initiatives that further the broader educational mandate of Douglas College.

Moreover, the Research and Innovation Office will work to encourage: research that directly involves students as research assistants; cross-faculty, cross-disciplinary partnerships; and creative endeavours and innovative scholarly pursuits that may fall outside traditional definitions.

Operationally, the Research and Innovation Office will:

  • Implement a policy framework that clearly outlines the requirements for undertaking research at Douglas College and formally integrates Research and Innovation into the standards of practice that govern the College
  • Provide a single point of contact between researchers and funding agencies
  • Provide basic administrative and financial management support to faculty and student researchers who are funded by internal or external grants and awards that includes; maintenance, storage and administration of legal templates relating to research initiatives and agreements, such as grant proposals, contracts, and legal agreements
  • Facilitate the purchase of specialized equipment that implements innovative methodologies building research capacity at Douglas College locally or internationally
  • Facilitate and conduct workshops focused on innovative research practices, research methodologies, and applications for external funding or community events, conferences, working groups that increase the College's reputation for innovation and excellence in research and knowledge mobilization
  • Develop and maintain spaces that yield innovative partnerships, help set guidelines for research practices, and support faculty, staff, and administration in research endeavours
  • Provide assistance and consultation for Douglas College employees applying for external funding and has a clear work plan for applying to external bodies for funding (I.e.: NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR)

If you have a project you want to talk to us about or represent an industry partner who might want to work with our students, please email us

Some of our ongoing projects include: