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Insect photo exhibit aims to connect city dwellers with nature

Photo: Damselfly by Tamara Sale

April 10, 2019

The Amelia Douglas Gallery is getting up, close and personal with B.C. bugs with a photo exhibit that highlights their beauty and importance to our ecosystems.

Greenlinks 2019: Nature Caught My Eye features 24 close-up photos of damselflies, red-veined dropwings, net-winged insects and more, all taken in the Lower Mainland, by New Westminster nature photographer Tamara Sale.

The exhibition will be on show from April 26–June 15 from 10am to 7:30pm at the Amelia Douglas Gallery, New Westminster Campus, 700 Royal Avenue, New Westminster.

Jointly presented by the Amelia Douglas Gallery and the Douglas College’s Institute of Urban Ecology, Greenlinks is an annual exhibition that aims to reconnect urban residents with nature by highlighting the intersections between art and science.

“Tamara has captured the individual beauty of insects and reminded us of the vital and crucial ecosystems that are present in our urban gardens and parks,” said exhibition co-curator Krista Eide.

Dr. Robert McGregor, Executive Director of the Douglas College Institute of Urban Ecology (IUE), said Sale’s images complement our understanding of urban ecosystems.

“More people now live in cities worldwide than at any previous time in history. Reconnecting urban dwellers with nature is one of our objectives.”

Through its UNIBUG (User Network for Insect Biology in the Urban Garden) citizen science research project, the IUE works with the community to promote sustainable gardening practices. A poster series of UNIBUG’s work on increasing environmental awareness will also go on display at the exhibition.

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