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Printing Working Group to recommend more efficient and sustainable printing services for Douglas College

Did you know that over 22 million pages were printed at Douglas College in 2017 by our faculty, staff and students?

That’s a paper trail that would span Canada from Victoria, B.C. to Sydney, Nova Scotia.

The Douglas College Printing Working Group is working to shorten that trail. Based on discussions that took place earlier this year at Learning Technology Steering Committee and Senior Management Team meetings, the Douglas College Printing Working Group was struck in April 2018 with a mandate to investigate, define and propose new models and best practices for more efficient and sustainable printing services for Douglas College students, faculty, staff and admin.

Co-Chaired by Trish Rosseel and Sarah Dench - and with faculty, staff and student representatives from across the College and the Douglas Students' Union (DSU) – this group has been meeting over the past several months to articulate key principles and drivers that will inform our recommendations and gather data to capture the current state of printing at the College as well as other post-secondary institutions in B.C.

Key principles and drivers for our group build on its Terms of Reference and capture the general directions for our investigations. They include a focus on:

  • environmental sustainability and waste reduction;
  • the optimization of our educational technology environment;
  • easy to implement and financially and administratively sustainable solutions; and
  • an educational and communication orientation for managing recommended changes.

We’ve learned much over the Summer about our printing services. Some notable highlights:

  • The College has 210 printers across both campuses, with additional printers at the DSU.
  • Douglas College and the DSU both offer free printing to students to a limit of 300 and 100 pages respectively, making it unique among post-secondary institutions across the province.
  • In a recent survey of faculty, almost 30 percent of respondents required students to print course materials, over 30 percent required them to print 80 pages or more and over 50 percent noticed that their students have printed non-required materials posted on Blackboard and brought them to class.

Our working group is starting to move past the data collection phase and begin deliberating on recommendations for a path forward for printing at Douglas College. If you have any questions, please email Trish Rosseel or Sarah Dench.