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Canadian première of Heritage on stage at Douglas College Nov. 9-16

Can young love withstand the weight of centuries of bitter conflict and the looming threat of war? Douglas College’s latest production explores this dilemma with the Canadian première of Heritage by Nicola McCartney.

Presented by the departments of Theatre and Stagecraft and Event Technology, Heritage focuses on Irish native Sarah McCrea, who arrives in Canada in 1914. On the threshold of womanhood and facing a bright future in a new country, Sarah and her family – who come from Northern Ireland – carve out their existence in Saskatchewan. She is quickly drawn to her neighbour, southern Irishman Michael Donaghue, through tales of near-forgotten mythical Ireland, and soon, that friendship evolves into something more.

However, the conflict in Ireland between Imperialists and the Irish Republican Army seeps into their relationship, with old battles being fought in a new territory and the looming threat of the First World War causing tension.

“In Saskatchewan, 60,000 miles from the conflict in Ireland, history, politics and religion meet and clash,” says director Deborah Neville. “The two families stoke old fires with the heat and intensity of their heritage.”

Heritage is told through Sarah’s memories as she struggles against politics, religion, the sexual norms of the time and her inability to have a voice. As she navigates her new life in a new country, she faces a number of difficult decisions that force her to choose between what is expected of her or forging her own path.

“I think we all come to a place in our lives where we have to make a choice: stay on the path that has been pre-decided for us or make that turn to strike out on our own – and Sarah is no different,” Neville says. 

The student cast includes Jiana Gonzales (Richmond), Christian Krushel (Saskatoon), Timothy Lim (Philippines), John Adams Rejala (Langley), Elizabeth Trottier (North Delta), and Ellen Wakely (New Westminster).

Heritage runs Nov. 9-16 at the Laura C. Muir Performing Arts Theatre at the Douglas College New Westminster Campus, 700 Royal Ave. 

Tickets are $20 for general admission and $10 for seniors, students, matinees and Talkback Tuesdays. For tickets and show times, visit 



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Arts Event Officer
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