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Contact Us

Email:  InstitutionalResearch@douglascollege.ca

 Keith Ellis - Associate VP,  
 Institutional Effectiveness
 Carmen Mahood- Exec. Assistant, 
 Institutional Effectiveness
Telephone: (604) 527-5763 
Telephone: (604) 527-5334
Office: N2304 (New Westminster Campus) Office: S3611 (New Westminster Campus)
Email: ellisk@douglascollege.ca 
Email: mahoodc@douglascollege.ca


Institutional Research and Planning

Pamela Bischoff - Manager, Strategic Research and Initiatives
Telephone: (604) 777-6169
Office: N2303 (New Westminster Campus)
Email: bischoffp@douglascollege.ca

Karen Buxton - Manager, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics
Telephone: (604) 777-6556
Office: N2306 (New Westminster Campus)
Email: buxtonk1@douglascollege.ca

Liz Lee - Manager, Education and Services Research
Telephone: (604) 527-5766
Office: N2301 (New Westminster Campus)
Email: slee246@douglascollege.ca

Laura Sandve - Research and Data Coordinator
Telephone: (604) 777-6320
Office: C3020 (Coquitlam Campus)
Email: sandvel@douglascollege.ca


Project Management and Standard Operating Procedures

Carmen Mahood- Executive Assistant, Institutional Effectiveness
Telephone: (604) 527-5334
Office: S3611 (New Westminster Campus)
Email: mahoodc@douglascollege.ca