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Past shows

 city squares poster
City Squares
Drawings, Textiles & Paintings
John Steil, Judy Villett &
Martha Jablonski-Jones
August - September 2019

greenlinks poster

Greenlinks 2019: 
Nature Caught My Eye

Photography by Tamara Sale
Displays by UNIBUG
April - June 2019

Chapan Snares Rabbits
Michelle Sound
February - April 2019
Enchanted Places
Chun Ping (Claire) Huang
January - February 2019
Face It!
Ornella Maruccio Belhomme
October - December 2018
Le Néon
Josh Byer
September - October 2018
Landlocked? and Flotsam Fixation
Tiki Mulvihill
August - September 2018
The Pacific and Other Stories
Denise Dupre and Robert Gary Parkes
April - June 2018
Alex Wang (Wang Zhihao)
March - April 2018
A Douglas College Employee, Student,
Alumni and Retiree Show
January - February 2018
Land - An Imagining
Claire Moore
October - December 2017
Inhabited Lives
Shannon Harvey
September - October 2017
Greenlinks 2017: In a Nutshell
Tracie Stewart
August - September 2017
Here We Go!
The Art Together Show presented
by L'Arche Vancouver
April - June 2017
Laura Wee Lay Laq and Marcus Bowcott
March - April 2017
Vuja De
Claire Sarfeld
January- February 2017
Jayeonmi (Natural Beauty)
Ilsoo Kyung
October - December 2016
The End of the Affair
Stefanie Denz
September - October 2016
this part remains with me
Louise A. DeGagné and Gregg Steffensen
August - September 2016
Rhythms and Energy of Nature
Madelyn Hamilton
April - June 2016
Greenlinks 2016: The Urban Garden
Wendy Schmidt and Lauren Morris
March - April 2016
false pretenses
Pierre Leichner and Bill Edmonds
January - February 2016
A Douglas College Employee
and Student Show
October - December 2015
Thunder in Our Voices
Contemporary portraits from the
Berger Inquiry by Linda MacCannell
Presented by Drew Ann Wake
September - October 2015
Cross Currents
Dorothy Doherty, Kathryn Gibson,
and Sande Waters
August - September 2015
Icons: Sacred and Profane
Elizabeth Carefoot and Deborah Putman
August - September 2015
Paul Burgoyne
February - April 2015
Essence: A Collaboration
Kathryn Gibson O'Regan
and Robert Shiozaki 
January - February 2015
Under the Same Roof
Jessie McNeil and Ewan McNeil
October - December 2014
Greenlinks 2014: Urban Oases
Margaret Lawther and IUE's UNIBUG
August - September 2014

Scenes from the West Coast

The Heritage Life Drawing Group
August - September 2014
Scenes from the West Coast 

Marilyn Atkey and Lea Price
May - July 2014

Art as Therapy 
P. Thomas Wood
February - May 2014

Foods behaving strangely - poster 
Foods Behaving Strangely 
Nicola Tibbetts
January - February 2014
Cynthia Minden
November - December 2013
 Art Gallery show: Curbside
Ron Sangha
September - October 2013

Everyone Talks About the Weather
Les Linfoot
August - September 2013

Bert Monterona
April - June 2013

Formed Earth
Clay Symposium: Earth Formed, Formed Earth 
Judy Weeden and Robert Crawford
February - April 2013


Greenlinks 2013: UNIBUG 
Mikki Herbold and Ewan McNeil
January - February 2013


Needle Doodle
Elizabeth Carefoot
November - January 2012


Rhythm Stories
Nyla Sunga
September - November 2012


A Big To-DO (Douglas College employee show)
August - September 2012


Life is Beautiful
Tianxing Li and Yuen Yip 
May - July 2012


Xin Meng 
April - May 2012


Mary Bennett and Louise Bunn
February - April 2012


Richard Alm
January - February 2012




Teressa Bernard and Nancy Brignall 
November- December 2011