Strategic planning - Looking ahead to 2020

When we looked at the future of Douglas College, we asked ourselves “Can we make post-secondary better?” 

Better for students?
Better for the businesses and organizations that will employ them?
Better for the people of B.C.?

The answer, every time, was yes. The result of countless hours of research and meetings with students, faculty, employees and stakeholders, the Douglas College Strategic Plan is a guide to a better Douglas College, a better system and a better educational experience for students.

Our vision for Douglas College can be broken down into three themes:

Inspiring and relevant

We’ll create an inspiring and relevant educational environment – a challenging culture of ideas, critical engagement and reasoned analysis. A place where learning continues outside the classroom, motivated by the relevancy of the program content. We’ll also put special emphasis on new students, setting them up for success in their academic and professional lives.

Grounded and flexible

We’ll ensure our unique academic foundations programs will engage and challenge students, laying the intellectual groundwork for further education, careers, and becoming an informed citizen. We’ll also ensure students experience seamless academic transfer to degree programs at Douglas or other institutions. 

Practical and applied

We’ll improve program-specific, applied workplace skills to prepare students for employment, striving to meet the already high standards set by many of our applied programs. 

More About Strategic planning - Looking ahead to 2020

Read the 2015-2020 Douglas College Strategic Plan, and find out how we’re going to make post-secondary better.