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Priorities for 2012-2013

These priorities reflect implementation plans for Douglas College's 2010 - 2015 Strategic Plan, Pathways to Success.

Read the President's blog for more context on strategic priorities for 2012/2013.

Learner Pathways

Continue building seamless learner pathways. Examples:

  • Continue development and implementation of new programs
  • Begin pursuit of AUCC membership
  • Continue implementing Foundation Year
  • Growth of 275 FTE
  • Improve Business transfer to UBC

Superior Teaching Quality

Develop a culture of excellence in teaching. Examples:

  • Increase faculty currency and vitality
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful professional development

Student Engagement

Create a culture of student intellectual and academic engagement, a culture of ideas and dialogue. Example:

  • Reinforce a culture of student intellectual engagement inside and outside of class

Employee Engagement

Create the conditions necessary for Douglas to be a place where people are empowered to innovate and do great work. Examples:

  • Review and address structural barriers to employee engagement
  • Assess and reform HR practices as needed
  • Implement process to help leaders develop skills

Community Engagement

Gain the support of the community and create the community as a space where faculty and students are connected. Examples: 

  • Strengthen involvement with program advisory committees
  • Ensure Douglas representation at major community events and on major community boards

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