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Planning Process

This page contains all the background to the development of the Douglas College 2010 - 2015 Strategic Plan.

Draft plans

Draft plan, version 3.2 [PDF] - This draft reflects Education Council feedback and was submitted for approval by the College Board on June 17, 2010. 

Draft plan, version 3.1 [PDF] - This draft assimilates numerous comments and suggestions from our May 2010 open forums as well as from VPAC, the Board, and others. This version was provided to Education Council, which provided its feedback to the Board on May 20, 2010. Feedback from employees continued through the President's blog.

Draft plan, version 1.0 [PDF] - After several months of consultation, Version 1.0 of the Douglas College Strategic Plan (2010-2015) was released for further review and discussion.

Employee consultation - leased in draft format, with the expectation that it would be revised with the input received from the College community. All College employees were invited to participate in one of the three open forums on Monday, May 3, at David LamTuesday, May 4, at New Westminster; or Monday, May 10, at New Westminster. Employees were also welcome to provide feedback through the President's blog.

Environmental scan

Environmental scan (April 2010, [PDF]) - this is a companion piece to Version 1.0 of the Douglas College Strategic Plan

Analysis of the environment (December 2009, [PDF]) - identifies important ways that our landscape is changing rapidly

Input from the College community

Strategic Plan Update Employee Survey (December 2011, [PDF]) - Douglas College faculty and staff said clearly that in the near term we need to focus our efforts on Teaching Quality and Learner Pathways. This survey was done ahead of the publication of the Strategic Plan Interim Report in February 2012.

Input to themed discussion questions (April 2010, [PDF]) - this is a companion piece to Version 1.0 of the Douglas College Strategic Plan

Summary of themed discussion group input (December 2009, [PDF]) -  seven items on which we need a thorough discussion from a cross-section of employees; discussion groups started in the third week of January 2010 and were completed in the second week of February. Summaries of each of the 14 discussion events are posted for viewing and discussion on the President's blog.

Employee survey results (November 2009, [PDF]) - overview and links to summary and full report

Input from students

Student survey results (Summary, [PDF]) (Full report, [PDF]) - we asked for ideas from Douglas College students and we got them: 248 students filled out an online survey. As well, a face-to-face discussion event with 12 students was held in Spring 2010, with President Scott McAlpine and Vice President, Educational Services Blaine Jensen attending.

Input from the wider community

Town hall meetings (summary report, [PDF]) - in January and February 2010, community partners' breakfast events were held in New Westminster, Coquitlam and Maple Ridge. We gathered ideas from community leaders, educators, business people, healthcare and human services professionals, and others. An online survey was also used to gather feedback from community members with a connection to Douglas College.

Planning process

Strategic Plan 2010 [PDF] - information about the planning process

Context for the development of the Douglas College Strategic Plan (September 2009, [PDF]) - remarks from the President's inaugural address to the College community

Strategic Plan Progress Report—June 2012

This midterm review[PDF] identifies accomplishments to date, assesses the continued relevance of the goals from 2010, and determines priorities for the coming two years. The review included a robust consultation process that involved:

  • Surveying all employees
  • A town hall meeting at each campus
  • Two dinner meetings with students
  • External meetings with municipal and other stakeholders
  • Input from the College Board

Altogether, we heard over 500 voices on the strategic plan inmplementation and priorities going forward.

Related background information

Census data for enrolment planning [PDF] - changing demographics that could affect enrolment demand

History of BC post-secondary education [PDF] - context for the College's development and its niche in the post-secondary system

Douglas College Fact Books  - statistical compendiums about all aspects of Douglas College

BC Colleges summary [PDF] - overview of how colleges are preparing BC for the future

Projections of the Diversity of the Canadian Population (March 2010, [PDF]) - new Statistics Canada study showing how the population of our region and the country is changing, with increases in the proportion of persons born abroad, persons whose mother tongue is neither English nor French, and persons belonging to visible minority groups

Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development 2010/11 - 2012/13 Service Plan [PDF] - Contains contextual factors and goals for the post-secondary system. This provides additional background to the Strategic Plan of Douglas College.

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