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Curriculum Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

The Curriculum Committee is a standing committee of the Education Council charged with ensuring that College curriculum development and review are consistent with approved processes and undertaken in full compliance with educational policies. The Committee receives and reviews Curriculum Guidelines and Course Control Sheets for all new credit courses and for major revisions to or deletions of existing credit courses and receives and reviews new and revised Curriculum Guidelines and programs leading to Continuing Education Certificates. Upon the recommendation of this committee, Education Council may grant final, formal approval of College curriculum, in accordance with section 24 (f) of the College and Institutes Act amended 1996), which charges Education Council with the power and the duty "to set curriculum content for courses leading to certificates, diplomas or degrees". Recommendations of the Committee can be appealed to Education Council.


  • the committee will include two faculty members:
    1. One member will be a current member of Education Council, and s/he will Chair the committee;
    2. The second member may be a member of Education Council.
  • members will serve a one-year term, and can elect to serve subsequent terms.


  • the Committee Chair will communicate annually to Faculty/Department Education Committees and Deans the process for Curriculum Guideline/Continuing Education Certificate program submissions and remind them of the requirement specified in the Curriculum Development and Approval policy that "all courses must be reviewed regularly (not less than every five years) by Departments or Programs to ensure that they are educationally current";
  • on behalf of Education Council, the committee will receive and review Curriculum Guidelines and Course Control Sheets that have been approved by the appropriate Faculty/Department Education Committee(s) and Deans(s) (according to the Curriculum Development and Approval policy);
  • when the Committee is satisfied that process has been followed and policies adhered to, the Chair will recommend to Council that it approve the curricular addition, deletion or change;
  • when the Committee is not satisfied that process has been followed, and/or finds that the documents do not adhere to educational policies, the Chair will communicate queries or concerns to the Dean, and clearly indicate any changes required before approval can be recommended to Education Council.


  • the Committee will meet monthly, to review submissions;
  • where submissions are satisfactory, the Chair will submit to the next meeting of Education Council a summary report of curricular additions, deletions and/or changes, and enter a motion to approve these;
  • curriculum guidelines will not normally be distributed to Council members individually, but will be made available by the Committee Chair, upon request;
  • as a matter of practice, and in recognition of the formal nature of its approval function, Council may vote on said curricular additions, deletions and/or changes in a single motion, unless a member requests the separation of any item(s);
  • motions to approve curricular additions, deletions and/or changes will regularly be short-cycled, unless a member requests the standard two-month cycle for any individual item(s). In such cases, Council will debate and vote on whether to proceed with a short-cycle process or not.