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Lost & Found

Douglas College Security is responsible for maintaining the Lost and Found program.

Articles found on campus are to be forwarded to Security.

Campus Security may be contacted as follows:

New Westminster Campus 604-527-5405 Security Kiosk, Level 2 Concourse
David Lam Campus 604-777-6255 Security Kiosk, Level 1, Building A/B Atrium

All articles found will be tagged and recorded by Security personnel.

Unclaimed items will be retained for 45 days.

Where the owner's identity (student number, email, phone number, address, etc.) is marked on the property, all attempts will be made to contact the owner.

Perishable items will be disposed of daily. Security may immediately dispose of any found items that it deems as unsanitary or of little value.

Found property may be returned only when the claimant has identified him/herself and the article to the satisfaction of Security personnel.

Unclaimed money after 45 days will be given the Douglas College Foundation or Student Aid. Unclaimed items after 45 days will be given to local charities.