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If you are a Douglas College student, our online tutoring service uses email to provide you with feedback about your writing. We provide online writing help in three ways:

    Douglas College students who are registered in courses can send their papers to our online tutors for feedback. Submit your paper online at any time and you will get a response within 48 hours. 
    Do you need to ask a question? Tutors are available online to help answer your academic writing questions. Submit your question by filling in our Ask a Tutor form.
    WriteAway, a service available to students at participating post-secondary institutions across BC. Students can choose to use either WriteAway or our in-house online tutoring service, but we ask that you only send each assignment to one service (not both) as the same tutors work for both services. Check out their website to access WriteAway.
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Who are our tutors?

They are university and college students experienced with what college instructors expect from written assignments. We train our tutors to guide you with advice about how to revise your papers to better meet instructor expectations. However, tutors are neither editors nor instructors. They do not fix your writing for you. Instead, they suggest what you can do to improve your own paper. They leave it up to you what changes to make. Tutors also do not provide their opinions about what grade a paper might get. Only course instructors have this role.

More About Submit your paper online

Online writing help

What is our philosophy of tutoring writing online?

We have two goals in our writing tutoring: first, tutors take on the role of informed peer readers to let student writers know how their papers come across to other students; second, tutors use students' papers and questions as opportunities to suggest improvements in writing process and writing practice.

The role tutors do not take on is copy editor; we will not fix students' papers for them.