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Career resource centre

The Career Resource Centre is here to provide you with tools, information and assistance so you can achieve your career goals. Need help with career planning or developing your resume and cover letter? Connect with us.

Drop by the centre at the New Westminster (Room 4600) or Coquitlam (Room A1050) or if you would like to set an appointment time call 604 527 5526 (NWC). You can also make an appointment with a career counsellor to discuss individual career questions.

Getting a head-start

Use your time in school to test drive your occupational ideas and develop skills. Any of these activities can help:
  • Get involved in extracurricular or leadership activities at the college. Check out Student Life for opportunities;
  • Target summer jobs in your general area of interest;
  • Consider participating in Co-operative Education at Douglas College;
  • Look into internships;
  • Join professional organizations (student memberships often cost less);
  • Seek part-time work more related to your studies;
  • Get a student position on campus;
  • Volunteer (a few hours a week or for one time events);
  • Network. The more people you meet through any of these activities, the more contacts you will have when your full-time job hunt starts after graduation. 

If you are not sure which careers you want to try out, it can be helpful to do some career planning first. Counselling Services at Douglas College offers help in few different ways:

  • Book an individual career counselling appointment;
  • Attend our brief career planning workshops, typically offered once per semester;
  • Enroll in the semester-long credit course Personal Development & Career Exploration (HUMD 1130).

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