Financial Aid

Need help paying for your education? The Financial Aid Office is here to help you access funding to pay for school through a wide variety of financial aid programs, including loans, grants, scholarships, bursaries and awards.

Whether you are:

  • entering a full-time program
  • studying part time
  • taking prerequisite courses while waiting to enter a full-time program
  • taking English Language Learning and Acquisition (ELLA) classes
  • taking English and Math (ENGU and MATU) to upgrade your skills

we offer assistance with:

  • applications for funding
  • advice on policy and processes e.g., the impact on student loan funding if you withdraw or drop classes or repeat a previously passed course
  • assistance with reassessments and appeals
  • fee deferrals and emergency loans
  • advocacy in dealing with StudentAidBC or other government agencies
  • computer access for online applications and forms

We’ll help you navigate the maze of applications and processes, as well as various dates and deadlines.  

Financial Aid advisors are available for drop-in appointments to assist students with their financial planning. Assistance with student loan applications, reassessments and appeals is also available.

Please note that Prior Learning Assessment courses and credits are not eligible for student loans.