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Office 365

Office 365 is a collection of services that allows you to use Microsoft Office tools without having to physically install them on each PC, laptop or mobile device that you may be using. Did you know that as a Douglas College registered student you have free access to it?

Among the Canadian cloud services available in this package, you’ll find Office applications, OneDrive storage (1 TB) and a new Outlook email account. They’ll help you keep track of your assignments and all the important information you need to thrive.

Why should you regularly check your new Outlook email?

All the College’s official communications and Blackboard messages are sent to your Outlook email account. Don’t miss important information.

Why should you care about Office applications in the cloud?

Some of them are the same ones you use for your assignments: Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The difference is that they’re cloud applications, so it doesn’t matter where you are and if you have the software installed on your computer. As long as you have a mobile device and Internet access, you’ll be able to work on your assignments. Besides, if you prefer, you can also download the applications to up to 15 different devices.

Why should you use OneDrive cloud storage?

OneDrive is safer and more reliable than USB devices. These can be lost or damaged. If you store your assignments in OneDrive, you’ll have access to them anytime. You won’t be in a situation where you can’t work on them because you don’t have your USB device with you. We’re giving you 1 TB of space. It’s enough to store an essay of 85 million pages or 300,000 photos.

To have access to all these benefits, log in now.

  1. Visit
  2. On the Email field, type your College email address (the domain is
  3. On the Password field, type the College Network Access password.
  4. Click Sign in.

NOTE: Office 365 accounts are created when you register for your first course. Your exact College email address will be sent to the personal email that you provided to the College. If you don’t have this email from Douglas, please contact the CEIT Help Desk at 604 527 5330 or

For more information, check our Frequently Asked Questions.

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