Perinatal Programs for Career Development

The Douglas College Perinatal Program is recognized as a leader in perinatal education and as such, we are committed to providing high-quality educational opportunities for those working or planning to work in the perinatal field. Our courses are regularly revised and updated to help ensure the most current, evidence-based information is made available to participants.

We, and our qualified, experienced, exceptional instructors, recognize different styles of learning and strive to provide a safe, nurturing, friendly and fun environment for our learners.

The ability to respond very quickly and efficiently to requests for programs and workshops is evidenced by Douglas College educational opportunities being offered throughout BC and Canada. These courses can be offered off-site in a variety of formats depending on location and participants needs.

Kathie Lindstrom 
CE/Perinatal Program Manager
tel: 604.777.6529
Faculty of Health Sciences

Virginia Towers
CE/Perinatal Program Assistant 
tel: 604.777.6531
Faculty of Health Sciences