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Career Development Practice Certificate Program

Do you want to work in the career, employment or vocational rehabilitation fields, but don’t want to leave your current job to study? Are you currently working in this area and want to upgrade your skills and knowledge? Then this is the program for you!

Program Overview

The Career Development Practice certificate is offered on a part-time basis through courses that are a combination of in-class and online study. The program will help you develop the career practitioner competencies, knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to work effectively with a diverse client population. You will learn techniques to work with individuals and groups, and will develop skills in using assessment tools. Labour market trends, career transitions, resource materials, the Canadian Standards and Guidelines and the Blueprint for Life Design are part of the program content.

The program cycle begins in September each year, and students who begin the program then can expect to complete all the requirements by the following June. However, program admission is available throughout the year, and you can start the program any time: you will be given a maximum of two years to complete all the courses.Program Flyer

Courses are offered on a part-time basis at the New Westminster campus (700 Royal Avenue, New Westminster), and many of the courses are a combination of in-person and online study.


The CDP program consists of the ten required courses listed below.  You may take courses individually for interest, or successfully complete all of them to receive a certificate.  If you are interested in receiving the certificate, you must apply to the program.

Courses include:

  • Ethics for CD Practitioners (CDPP 267 - 10 hours)
  • Resumes & Cover Letters (CDPP 275 - 15 hours)
  • Theories, Models & Strategies (CDPP 750 - 30 hours)
  • Career Development Practice (CDPP 262 - 30 hours)
  • Career Decision Making (CDPP 752 - 30 hours)
  • Career Transition Management (CDPP 757 - 30 hours)
  • Case Management (ACDP 100 - 30 hours)
  • Introduction to Vocational Rehabilitation (CDPP 754 - 30 hours)
  • Facilitated Learning (CDPP 573 - 30 hours)
  • Labour Market Information (CDPP 756 - 30 hours)
  • Interview Skills (recommended) (CDPP 758 - 15 hours)

All courses are aligned with the Canadian Standards and Guidelines.

Program Admission

If you are interested in completing the full certificate program, you must be admitted to the program. Your application for admission must demonstrate that you:

  • currently work in the field of career, employment or rehabilitation for a minimum of one year


  • hold a college or university diploma or degree in a related field


  • have completed one year of paid or voluntary work in a human service field related to working directly with clients


  • demonstrate interest and experience in human services and/or customer service (transferable skills),
  • are personally suitable to work in an employment services environment, and
  • possess good oral and written knowledge of English.

Application Process

You may choose to attend CDP Information Session, although this is not required for successful admission to the program.

To apply for the program, submit a completed Program Admissions Application form including:

  1. A current resume, including relevant work history (paid and/or volunteer) and copies of professional or para-professional credentials (relevant experience for this program means direct experience in providing services to others in a help/counselling role).
  2. One letter of reference from an employer or someone working in the field attesting to your personal suitability for working in the career practitioner field. Guidelines for the letter of reference: from a current or previous supervisor or employer (paid or volunteer work), or a case manager. It is helpful to provide your referee with some information about the CDP program and your letter of intent.
  3. A letter of intent that explains why you want to complete the program, how you will use the program in the future and your personal goals and your vision. This letter should be approximately one page in length.

Submit your application package to:

Seanna Quressette
Faculty of Child, Family and Community Studies
Tel: 778 835 4233 Office: 604 527 5593

Tel: 604 527 5479


Registration is easy. Simply check the Program and Course Schedule on the CFCS Continuing Education home page for the 5-digit course registration number (CRN) first, and then you can register online, or by phone, fax, mail, walk-in to Douglas College, or TTY. Registration directions are available here. Fees must be paid at the time of registration.

Program Costs

The total tuition cost for the program is $4,350, plus $280 for the recommended Interview Skills course. Fees are paid at the time of registration for each course:

  • Ethics for CD Practitioners (CDPP 267): $230.00
  • Resumes & Cover Letters (CDPP 275): $280.00
  • Theories, Models & Strategies (CDPP 750): $480.00
  • Career Development Practice (CDPP 262): $480.00
  • Career Decision Making (CDPP 752): $480.00
  • Career Transition Management (CDPP 757): $480.00
  • Case Management (ACDP 100): $480.00
  • Introduction to Vocational Rehabilitation (CDPP 754): $480.00
  • Facilitated Learning (CDPP 753): $480.00
  • Labour Market Information (CDPP 756): $480.00
  • Interview Skills (recommended) (CDPP 758): $280.00

Please note that tuition fees do not include the costs of textbooks and course packages (unless otherwise noted).  Approximate cost for textbooks and course materials is $500.00 for the program. You can purchase textbooks/materials from the Douglas College Bookstore, New Westminster Campus. The Bookstore has extended hours beginning each term - check the website for hours. Bookstore Tel: 604 527 5015. Email:

Course Exemptions

If you have taken equivalent courses (same content and number of hours, documented with an official transcript) you may apply for exemption for a maximum of two of the required program courses. Call 604-527-5479 for an Exemption Request forms and fees.

Students who have successfully completed the Ethics for CD Practitioners (CDPP 267) and Theories (CDPP 268) courses in the On the Road to Certification program may transfer these courses into the Career Development Practice certificate. Please note, however, that the CDPP 268 course is 20 hours, but the Theories, Models & Strategies (CDPP 750) course that is part of the certificate program is 30 hours. Students who transfer CDPP 268 into the certificate program will be required to complete an additional 10-hour course to bridge the two courses.

CDP Program Transferability

Courses may be transferred to other post-secondary institutions in British Columbia:

  • University of the Fraser Valley offers 12 credits for completion of the CDP Program towards a degree in Adult Education.
  • Credits towards courses in the Community Social Service Work Diploma program at Douglas College.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada (VRA) has approved all courses for continuing education towards the RRP Designation.

BCCDA Certification (CCDP) Pre Approved Courses

The Ethics and Theories courses in the CDP program meet the minimum education requirements for CDP certification (CCDP) and are pre-approved by BCCDA. See for CCDP details.

On the Road to Certification – Ethics and Theories Courses

Douglas College is pleased to announce that we are once again offering On the Road training in Ethics and Theories around the province. We are offering a 10 hour Ethics and a 20 hour Career Development Theories course at sites on the Island, in the Interior, the North and the Lower Mainland. Please see the attached flyer for current offerings. 

The On the Road team also includes 1 and 2 training in Customized Employment and Job Development.

The On the Road instructional team includes Ann Norris, M.A., and Arlene Ward, M.Ed., MCVP, RRP.

Watch this space for future dates and current offerings.


All instructors in the Career Development Practice Program have master's degrees, extensive teaching experience and are active in career development. Our instructors’ biographies are available in the Meet Our Instructors section of the CFCS Continuing Education website.


Douglas College, in partnership with BC Career Development Association (formerly ENET,) developed the Career Development Practice (CDP) Certificate Program.  An active advisory committee provides guidance to ensure quality and current course material.  All of the Certificate Programs are reviewed and approved by the Douglas College Education Council and Board (in accordance with the standards and criteria required by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development).

Information Sessions

Free information sessions are offered.

  • Information Session date: Thursday, June 15th 6:00pm - 7:00pm & August, 31st 6:00pm-7:00pm
  • Room N3411, New Westminster Campus

Please call 604-527-5479 or email to register for a free information session.

Professional Resources

A variety of Career Development Practice professional resources are available to you online. Visit this page to find our summary of important websites.