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Douglas College strengthens ties to Uganda with faculty trip

A group of 13 faculty members will soon get an up-close look at the health and social service work Douglas College students are providing in Uganda. As part of an upcoming trip, the participants will visit the East African country and meet students involved with the college’s Uganda Project.

The Uganda Project is an educational program that gives students the opportunity to live in Uganda while working for local government and non-government organizations. This spring, 10 students from the Faculty of Child, Family and Community Studies will complete practicum placements through the program.

“Our students go to Africa with one purpose—to learn from Ugandans as they tackle complex social and health issues. The upcoming trip enables participants to share this learning opportunity,” says Bob Shebib, trip co-host and Co-Occurring Disorders Program Coordinator.

The faculty participants are mostly from the college’s Faculty of Health Sciences, which includes nursing, dental assisting and other programs. Once in Uganda, they will get to observe the Uganda Project students at their placement sites. The faculty members will also be looking for future practicum opportunities for Health Sciences students.

“This trip is much more than a typical tourist experience. The participants will get a unique look at life in Uganda while helping to strengthen the college’s connection to the country,” says Hazel Postma, trip co-host and Associate Vice President, External Relations.

The Uncovering Uganda 2014 trip participants have also donated $7,500 to support the Uganda Project. The trip takes place May 14 to 30.



Hazel Postma, Associate Vice President, External Relations
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