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Jayeonmi (Natural Beauty)
Multimedia works by Ilsoo Kyung     

October 27-December 10, 2016

Opening reception: Thursday, October 27, 4:30-7:30pm
Refreshments provided
No-host bar
Everyone welcome

Artists' talk: Friday, October 28, 10am
In the Gallery
Everyone welcome

Jayeonmi (Natural Beauty)

I try to visualize natural phenomena, the known and unknown aspects of the world around me. In today’s world, we are showered with social, political, and critical issues that affect the way we see and process this information. I create hidden meanings and reconfigure these situations into a new synthesis of original ideas.

My work is grounded in the world of natural beauty, but looks beyond the scenic to search for symbols and meaning in all that I encounter. My style is representational, with special attention to detail, structure and form. Visual appeal is an important aspect of my work; I want my visual, tactile, heart-felt creations to open the door to various potential meanings for the viewer in such a way that their emotions can be stirred.

—Ilsoo Kyung


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Upcoming Exhibits

Jayeonmi (Natural Beauty)
Works by Ilsoo Kyung
October 27-December 10, 2016
Opening reception: Thursday, October 27, 4:30pm-7:30pm
Refreshments, no-host bar and live music
Artist's talk: Friday, October 28, 10am in the gallery